Monday, February 26, 2024

School girl is electrocuted in Ramotswa

A 10-year-old girl of Siga Primary School in Ramotswa died over the weekend after allegedly having come into contact with exposed live Botswana Power Corporation cables.

Police said the girl was among other students who pass by that spot regularly. She is said to have been pronounced dead on arrival at the Bamalete Lutheran Hospital.

Ramotswa Police Station Commander, Superintendent Sarah Gabathuse, has confirmed the incident, saying police investigations of the matter are still ongoing.

The Marketing and Communications Manager of the Botswana Power Cooperation, Spencer Moreri, confirmed that the unfortunate incident had been reported to them.

“The Corporation is aware of the unfortunate incident and investigations on the matter are still ongoing to establish the cause of the fatality,” said Moreri.

He said that the BCP has dealt with similar cases before although in varying degrees.

“We have had cases before when people were actually electrocuted or had contact with the live cables resulting in either a fatality or serious injury,” Moreri said.

He was cagey to give details on how the issue of compensation with regard to someone dying as a result of contact with live BPC cables is handled, only saying that compensation depends on the result and the extent and circumstances of individual cases.

Moreri, however, said that the organization cannot be blamed for the incident, especially since investigations are still ongoing.

He said most of the cables become exposed but thieves as they attempt to steal the cables and pleaded with the general public to report any exposed cables to avoid loss or damage to lives.


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