Friday, September 25, 2020

School is useless!

I blew it. I just blew it. My mistake was to go to school.

Back when I was a boy, I thought education was the gateway to success.
In fact, I was fed that propaganda by my parents. They told me I had to go to school in order to have a cosy future.

So with all the kids in my neighbourhood off to school I went.
Every morning, I dutifully trudged off to school. Back then, school kids had no rights. So I was subjected to daily beatings by teachers who were frustrated by their profession.
As the years went by, some kids dropped out. Ever the loyalist, I believed my parents’ propaganda that education was my gateway to success.

But I absolutely hated school. It started too early. Can anyone provide a good reason why school has to start so early. Why couldn’t we start at midday?

One day when I sue the government it will be for destroying what could have been the most enjoyable years of my childhood by waking me up early. Even today, I can never understand why my kids have to be roused in the small hours of the morning to go to school. I suppose my partner is like my parents. She is a propagandist who believes in the virtues of education.

If I had my way, my kids would simply lie in and choose whether to go to school or not.

I regret why I went to school. I wasted so many years of my life. On reflection, I should have listened to my uncle. He never went to school. That did not stop him from being the most popular bloke in the village. To boot, he was richer than many people who strode through the gates of the local school.

Most people I know who never stayed long in school are very successful. Look at all your favourite musicians. Very few of them went to school. If they did they did not stay long. They chose to spend their time strumming the guitar and polishing their vocal cords. Look at them now. They are famous and get all the girls.

It does not stop with musicians. Take football players. There is no way those boys could have become so good if they spent all their time in class. As their teachers droned on, they were looking out the window waiting for the first opportunity to kick the pigskin. Look at their teachers today. And compare them to the boys who decided to quit school and hone their football skills. Look at all the rich people around you who have little or no education. Their parents were smart. Out of neglect they let them drop out. And today, our peers who were smart enough to quit, look at us and tell us to our faces how useless education is.
I have a couple of boys I grew up with who spent a very short time in school. When the parents of us boys who dutifully trudged off every morning to school were busy boasting about our marks, they dropped out.

They have made money. Not all of them have. But neither have all the boys who spent a long time in school. When I was busy toiling through my degree, the drop outs were driving nice cars and living in posh houses. Just like the musicians and the footballers with little education, the drop outs were taking all the girls.

They showed that education was not necessary for one to make money and get the girls. I suppose I am a bit long in the tooth to change my life. I blew it by listening to my parents. The only thing I can do is make sure my kids don’t go through my experience.

I owe it to my kids not to let them waste their precious time in school. I have resolved to remove my kids from school. School is a waste of time.

When my partner puts up a fuss, I will show her all the people who are richer than me and yet have no education to show for it. My kids won’t need much convincing.

Like me in my childhood days, they don’t like waking up in the morning. I am certain they will buy into the idea of quitting school. By the time I am through with my lecture, they will be converted to the idea that school is useless.
I am determined to support my kids when they take up pursuits that are not academic.

Whomsoever of them wants to be a musician can go ahead and become one. If my boy wants to practice his football skills he can be assured of my support. The neighbours can talk. The government can talk. I don’t care. My kids are leaving school.

Although I have always believed school is useless, I was too ashamed to say it. Now I have a good reason to proclaim to everybody that school’s is useless.

I am going to tell my neighbours that my kids have quit and have been given the liberty to do as they please. In the process, my kids, without much education, might just make me proud.

The biggest testament that education is useless is the boy who just became president of Madagascar. I love that boy. He has vindicated me. I never had the guts to tell people education has no use. With him in the saddle, I can now proudly remove my kids from school.

One of my boys has been showing a rare talent on the turntables as a deejay. I want him to take up the activity full time. He is still young. But it is crucial he starts early. If he works on his skills you never know, one day he could remove the government and take up residence in the big house where the big boys stay.

I have always wondered what it is like to be president. In fact, I wonder what it is like to be a parent of the president. My remaining ambition in life is to see my boy as president. Just like the kid president of Madagascar
I have resolved my boy doesn’t need school to achieve my dream. On Monday, I will be visiting the headmaster. My kids are quitting school.

I have never seen such a waste of time in my life. The neighbours can snigger and gossip but one day my deejay boy, with his minimal education will be in power!


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