Monday, July 22, 2024

Schools hit by shortage of training grounds

The Minister of Education (MoE) Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi said her ministry is aware that there is a shortage of land for sporting activities at Montsamaisa and Goldmine Secondary Schools.

“Indeed this is a challenge to the school as physical education lessons and sports in general are affected,” said Moitoi.

She explained that both the schools are surrounded by residential areas leaving no room for sports grounds. Moitoi was responding to a question asked in Parliament last Thursday by Member of Parliament for Francistown South, Wynter Mmolotsi, who had asked the education minister whether she was aware that lack of sport grounds at Montsamaisa and Goldmine Junior Secondary Schools is affecting physical education lessons and sports in general.

He also asked what the minister intends to do to ameliorate the situation. Moitoi further said both the schools have within the prevailing constraints used small spaces within the school to undertake Athletics, netball, softball and volley ball lessons.

“The biggest challenge is football as it needs more space,” said Moitoi. She said permission at Montsamaisa Junior Secondary School has been granted for use of a village football ground which belongs to a local team. She explained that at Goldmine the space is completely inadequate even though football lessons are undertaken.

Moitoi said the ground Goldmine uses has been fenced out due to foot and mouth. “What is pleasing is that both schools have been doing very well in Physical Education with Montsamaisa at 87 percent and 84 percent for Goldmine,” said Moitoi, with a promise that her ministry will look for grounds elsewhere in the proximity of the schools for sharing of the resource.


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