Monday, December 6, 2021

Scores of BDP members beg Dada to stay and help steady their ailing party

Scores of Botswana Democratic Party ordinary members have been thronging the offices of their long time serving Treasurer there to plead with him to continue in his position.

Satar Dada has announced that after serving as the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) treasurer for 25 years, it was time for him to call it a day.

Dada became Treasurer in the early 1990s taking over from Ponatshego Kedikilwe.

He has previously served as Councilor and also as Member of Parliament.

As things stand, Members of the BDP seem unconvinced that there is anybody within their ranks who can fill Dada’s big boots.

The majority of the party members are said to be pushing for Dada to retain his position of treasurer which he has over the years kept unopposed.

Members who spoke to this publication are of the view that Dada is the engine of the BDP and that without Dada they see the party sinking in debts.

Members believe that though there might be other contributors who assist in fund raising for the party, Dada remains by far the one with deepest pockets using his connections and wealth to underwrite party finances.

In line with past practice, in April last year he helped deliver 57 party branded vans for each of the constituencies which the ruling BDP contested.

“We are a party drowning in debts. Losing Dada as the engine of this party means losing a possible source of income. I do not think Dada will assist the party like he did when he was still holding the Treasurer position.┬á He is not a talkative politician but simply someone who took care of the party wallet for the benefit of its members not his personal gains. He has more money to take anything from BDP.”

Information reaching this publication is that Dada is not happy with some new activists some of who have been accusing him of using the party money for his personal gains.

Dada confirmed to this publication that he has served the party for 25 years as the treasurer and felt it is time for others to take over.

“I know the members of the BDP want me to contest for the treasurer position at the July congress. But do I really have to contest? I have been the treasurer of the party for 25 years and I think it is time for someone to take over,” he said.

The BDP has a challenge to find a suitable replacement for Dada. Farouk Ismail of Choppies Group was initially named as a possible contender but Dada told this publication that Ismail who is his close friend is not going to contest any position at the BDP congress.

“He was shocked to learn that he is one of the possible contenders. I have spoken to him and I am sure that he is not going to contest,” said Dada. “At the moment I do not know of any candidate who possibly has interest in contesting for the position. I think the names will come out as time goes.”

The name of Jagdish Shah as a possible contender for the treasurer position keeps on cropping.┬á He is the owner of Jack’s gym and he also owns Township Rollers football club.

Shah is quoted saying he has been approached by some Members of the BDP to contest for the treasurer position.


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