Friday, June 21, 2024

Secretaries Convention held in Gaborone

Employees were on Thursday urged to live the brand of their organizations in order for them to improve in customer service delivery in the industry. This was said by the University of Botswana (UB) Professor Bojosi Otlhogile at the 18th Secretaries Convention which was held at the Gaborone Sun.

“Living brand is not about staff loyalty but rather a different game,” said Otlhogile. “It starts by engaging the people in shaping the vision and giving them the tools, skills and knowledge they need to deliver the company’s vision.”

As an employee, Otlhogile said one should know the level pride and commitment to the organization, organizational strengths, the most pressing areas for improvements, and what is needed to increase productivity and to help the organization grow its profitability and customer satisfaction.

“As a leader, you cannot stop there. There is a need for you to inspire and mentor your subordinates, and to continually remind them what they are all aiming for and how you are going to reach their goals,” he stated. According to Otlhogile this is the winning formula in building high performance teams. He said no organization will compete effectively if employees are pulling in different directions, with no shared vision or aspirations. “Shared vision and positive relationship engender trust, and trust in a leader is vital in securing desired action from followers,” emphasized Otlhogile.

He further urged frontline personnel to remember that they lived in the era of ethical consumers characterized by a wide choice of products and services. Therefore, to sustain organizations that they work for and, indeed, their jobs, he said they had to work hard to retain current clients. “To retain them, we have to give our customers quality service,” added Otlhogile. He said secretaries should be aware at all times that there is word of mouth, i.e. people talking of their experiences with different institutions. The image the secretaries give, he said, is the one that clients will carry to prospective clients and the public.

Otlhogile highlighted that Botswana has to diversify her economy, and one of the potential diversifications is the service industry. For Batswana to be successful, he said, they have to compete with the best countries in order to attract people to invest in these areas or come to utilize Botswana’s facilities. “If we could all commit to quality customer service, then we will also be solving the problem of unemployment in this country.”


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