Monday, July 15, 2024

Security association calls for accreditation of private security guards training

Following the decision by parliament to pass the Security Draft Bill this year, Chairman of Security Association of Botswana (SABO), Mpaphi Magezi says that the move came at the right time as it will help them advocate for the accreditation of security guards training and give the profession the dignity it deserves. 

Speaking to The Telegraph in an interview on Monday,  Magezi said international private security organizations in Europe are already advocating for accreditation of security guards professions in their countries. He also said that once vocational training standards are in place, it will not only encourage the licensing of security companies, but help enforcement and compliance of the existing regulations.
“The major theme of UNI-Europa’s activities has often concentrated on raising the standards in the industry such as developing vocational training standards, encouraging not only the licensing of the industry players but also enforcement and compliance to existing regulations. We also want to go in the same direction as SABO.

We want our security guards here to have accredited training and we are going to advocate for such. We thank the government for finally passing the security bill,” he told this publication.

Magezi further said in Botswana the factors that have always robbed the private security industry the economic benefit revolve around a number of contributors such as the absence of legal provisions, inadequate stakeholder participation and lack of security understanding.

“First, Batswana must admit that security industry is littered with lots of socio-economic opportunities as there are budding vocations that remain unexploited for example accredited trainers, private investigators, security technicians and consultants despite government grappling with swelling youth unemployment figures,” he said.

He further said security companies are critical since they are the nerve centre connecting all the other stakeholders such as Botswana Confederation of Commerce Industry and Manpower, (BOCCIM), Government and security workers. He commended the security Companies for their contribution adding that if it was not for these companies, the business fraternity in Botswana would not have developed to where it is today.

“We as SABO implore all relevant stakeholders to join the bandwagon, embrace each other supportively in order to realize this envisioned transformation in the making ultimately crafting an appealing employment for our desperate and despaired youth including assisting government in her socio-economic struggle,” he said.

He implored BOCCIM, as a private sector representative to forge forward using its cordial relations with government to assist particularly the youth working for security companies by advocating for improved labour related standards and accredited training. 


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