Saturday, December 3, 2022

Self-styled ‘Masilo royal family’ could face treason charges

The government has now taken a firm decision to take head-on the proclaimed royal family of Masilo in Molepolole who could face treason charges after they pronounced that they have taken over the government and have changed the name of the country to the Kingdom of Botswana.

The director of the Criminal Investigation Department, Wilmon Karahindi, confirmed to Sunday Standard on Friday that his office is probing the matter.

“It is true that the matter is under investigation but I cannot say exactly what is being investigated,” he said, adding that the investigations were still at an early stage and therefore he did not want to pre-empty them.

Karahindi said the possible charge that the suspects could face might be sedition but that would entirely depend on the outcome of the investigation.

He said they had not yet called the suspects for interviews as they are still busy gathering information.

He strongly denied the allegation that CID had been put under pressure to investigate the matter.
“We are not under any pressure to investigate whatever case that we want to probe,” he stressed.
He further said that he is not certain when the investigations will be completed.

The Minister of Defense, Justice and Security, Ramadeluka Seretse, said, “I am not aware whether the police are conducting any investigation regarding the Masilo family.”

He said that the police need not ask him for permission to probe any case that they think needs to be investigation.

“I am not aware of any police investigations that are ongoing,” said Moses Moeng Masilo, spokesperson of the Masilo family.

He said what they are doing is within the framework of the law, therefore, there are not doing anything that is unlawful both locally and internationally.

Asked if they had communicated with those who had been appointed, he replied, “Yes, we have communicated with everybody that we listed and they agreed to take up the call in confidence but if they claim that we have not communicated to them, it is not true.”

He added that “everybody is entitled to say whatever he or she wants to say based on the circumstances but the truth shall come out one day”.

Asked whether he had received any response from the United States of America President, France and the United Nations Secretary General, he replied that “it is still highly confidential, therefore, wait for the right time to come and the public will then know the response”.

However, the chairman of Botswana Democratic Party and also Member of Parliament for Molepolole, Darnel Kwelagobe that “those Masilos have never ever spoken to me and police investigators have not yet interviewed me as yet”.


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