Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Seretse markets the education sector

There is need for Botswana to be recognized internationally as a preferred destination for international students, scholars and trainees as well as to benchmark with other high quality universities in the world.

This was said by Botswana’s Ambassador to United States of America, Tebelelo Seretse, when addressing delegates of the Botswana ÔÇô USA exploratory education mission to Botswana USA on Monday.

Seretse said that it is an important role to make Botswana an education hub, align skills development with social and economic needs.

She stated that she encourages local and international participation and also benchmarking to learn from other professionals from across the world.

“Botswana will be recognized internationally as a preferred destination for national students and, therefore, the education sector will be vibrant contributing to economic diversification and sustainable growth,” said Seretse.

She wants to position Botswana as a regional center of excellence in education, training and research through the provision of a competent national human resource skills base in areas required for economic diversification and growth.

She said it is important to venture into areas of education which are lacking behind in Botswana, stating that USA has a wider variety of institutions which are advanced in many ways, and also have good reputation and are accredited.  

“Education, innovation in poverty alleviation, economic diversification and employment are important,” she said. She said that the local Universities are committed to localization and ensuring that the graduates gain a global perspective of issues.

“The Tertiary Education Council is our partner in working to sustain quality of the programmes,” said Seretse.

She added that the development alone goes a long way in bridging the education and technology divide that has overtime characterized the country.

Seretse added that good performance sends clear signals that Botswana is ready to compete at all levels of human endeavor.

Seretse believes that through the students learning at different USA universities, there is hope to populate Botswana with people with a rich understanding of how technology and teaching can be reconciled in a cost-effective manner to facilitate skill’s acquisition.

She stated that the graduates from the universities today are evidence enough to show that, with increased synergic and efforts of various Ministries, a lot of benefit could accrue to Batswana in various fields.

The delegation consisted of different USA universities such as Phoenix School of Law, New Mexico and St George University.


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