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Can the DCEC investigate Seretse?

April 4 2010: The Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime is reportedly investigating the Minister of Justice Defense and Security Ramadeluka Seretse for possible corruption.

Seretse was recently accused of corrupt practices involving a company called RTF Botswana, which obtained tenders for the supply of security equipment to departments that are directly under his ministry.

The opposition Botswana Congress Party then wrote a letter challenging President Khama to remove Seretse from office so that the DCEC and the Botswana police can investigate him.

In recent local publications, Seretse released a statement rubbishing the allegations that were leveled against him as a political witch hunt.

“I am not a director of RFT Botswana (Pty) Ltd or part of its day-to-day management. Currently, and even during the early term of my appointment as Minister of Defense, Justice and Security, I have not been involved in any corrupt practices – and I have not influenced anyone with regard to the awarding of tenders,” he said.

But it has since emerged that, despite Seretse’s protestations of innocence, the DCEC has taken a decision to launch investigations against him.

However, reports indicate that DCEC investigators are loath to take over the case as they fear victimization from their superiors. There are also suspicions that the investigations might be a bogus smoke screen meant to lend credibility to DCEC.

The Acting Director of DCEC, Botlhale Makgekgenene, could not be drawn into confirming that indeed they are investigating Seretse, save to say, “I can neither confirm nor deny whether DCEC is investigating minister Seretse.”

Asked to comment on allegations that investigating officers are reluctant to take over the investigations, fearing victimization and that the investigations might be bogus, Makgekgenene said that the DCEC is an independent body that does not report to the minister on their daily operations, but only give the ministry annual reports.

“DCEC carries out investigations independently, and there is no interference from anyone, not even the minister or the president.”


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