Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Serufho takes over as interim BNSC CEO

Tuelo Serufho has been appointed the Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC) interim chief executive officer (CEO).

Serufho, who is also the substantive Botswana National Olympics Committee (BNOC)CEO started his short-term work with the BNSC yesterday (Tuesday).

He takes over from outgoing BNSC CEO Falcon Sedimo whose contract with the commission expired at the end of August.

The youthful CEO’s interim appointment comes barely a week after the BNSC announced the non-renewal of Sedimo’s contract, its then CEO. As the current CEO of the BNOC, Serufho was also a member of the current BNSC board.

In a press release dated Monday 31 August 2020, the appointment ‘is for a period not exceeding six (6) months whilst the recruitment process for the substantive CEO is being concluded.’

While Serufho is an accomplished sports administrator, his appointment has caught many by surprise.

“His appointment as the BNSC CEO has come as a surprise. It was unexpected,” Mmegi Sports journalist Calistus Kolantsho opined.

While surprised by the appointment, Kolantsho is however confident that the youthful administrator has what it takes to lead the BNSC.

“He is a seasoned sports administrator and he has done a lot for Botswana sport and the BNOC in particular,” Kolantsho observed.

On whether a move from the BNOC to the BNSC, albeit on a temporary basis was not a move too steep for Serufho, Kolatsho said while there will be challenges, he does not expect him to struggle.

“Serufho has been a board member of the BNSC and has also worked hand in hand with the commission as the BNOC CEO. He understands the challenges of the organization,” he said.

Another big help for Serufho, according to Kolantsho, is that he is very passionate about athletes’ development, which is one of the core mandates of the BNSC.

Kolantsho however conceded that BNSC was indeed a much bigger challenge than the BNOC and that its challenges would be bigger and complex.

Meanwhile, the appointment has set tongues wagging that it is an audition to see if the youthful CEO is fit to take over at the BNSC.

Commenting on the matter, Klantsho said that should this be an audition and Serufho is eventually appointed substantive BNSC CEO, it will be a great loss for the BNOC.

“If he eventually leaves, his departure would leave a big void at the BNOC. Whoever will be appointed to fill his post will find his boots too big to fill,” he said.

He is of the belief that during his tenure at the BNOC, Serufho oversaw a draft of strategies which whoever can be drafted to fil his shoes would have to thoroughly understand before settling in  

Meanwhile, where Sedimo’s appointment coincided with the transition of the BNSC from the Sports Council to a Sports Commission, Serufho’s appointment coincidentally comes at a time when a merger between the BNSC and the BNOC is being mooted.

The decision on whether to merger the overarching sports bodies was expected sometimes this year (2020).

As at the end of November 2019, the BNOC had informed its affiliates that it had put on hold some of its plans while awaiting the decision on the merger.

The Olympic Committee was said to had put on hold its constitutional review while waiting for the decision.

Commenting on the matter, Kolantsho however said he does not believe Serufho’s appointment was meant to drive the merger of the two bodies, which he believes is still a long way off.


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