Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Shell hit by fraudulent scam

Shell Oil Botswana Group of companies has been hit by a fraudulent scam of emails and SMS messages being sent to members of the public in Botswana.

The messages claim to be notifications of lottery winnings from Shell.

Shell Oil Country Chairman, Boitumelo Sekwababe, said that five cases have been reported around the country.

He said the suspicious claims say: “SHELL LIVE INTERNATIONALMOBILE DRAW” and he stated that this is not authorised by nor affiliated in any way shape or form with Shell Botswana.

Sekwababe said that Shell customers have been calling his office for more information about the scam.

“The sms says ‘you have been awarded 995 000 Pounds’,” said Sekwababe.

He stated that the award of prizes and monetary grants often come via text messages and e-mails purporting to be from Shell claiming that the recipient has won in the Shell Petroleum International lottery promotion and similar nonexistent competitions, and asking the customer to send money or personal details in order to receive the winnings.

“The aim of these scams is to obtain personal information and bank account details for use in identity theft and to steal money,” said Sekwababe.

He stated that fraud scam cases were reported in Namibia and also in Botswana last year.

According to Sekwababe, currently, they have not had any visible impact on the business, as more and more Batswana have learned from the past and have now come to know a scam when they see one.

Sekwababe urged the public not to respond to unsolicited business propositions or offers from people that they are unfamiliar with. He said those who have disclosed information to a website they do not know should consider reporting the incident to local law enforcement bodies. He stated that Shell’s name and identity has been used fraudulently in these instances and they sympathize with anyone who has lost money in this way.

“Shell Group of companies cannot accept any responsibility and people should not respond to unsolicited business propositions,” said Sekwababe.


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