Monday, May 27, 2024

Skelemani applauds Debswana for perseverance and putting employees first

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Phandu Skelemani, has applauded the management of Debswana for having put employees first during the company’s quest to prevail over the rigors of the international financial recession.

Addressing the Orapa and Letlhakane Mines management in Orapa during the week, the minister applauded Debswana for coming up with job preservation measures to mitigate any negative impact on its employees, saying that it demonstrates the company’s commitment to its human resources, and its utmost recognition of its employees as critical stakeholders in the business.

Skelemani further commended Debswana employees for pulling together with management during the rough times of the economic recession, saying that they should maintain hope in themselves and in the company, and work together as a team if they are to survive the credit crunch.

“This will play a pivotal role in ensuring that Debswana pulls through in the event of an upturn, and subsequently lead to positive results for the country’s economy,” he said. He added that government and Batswana have faith in Debswana, reaffirming government’s commitment to ensuring that the company survives the slump in diamond sales.

For his part, the Orapa and Letlhakane Mines Acting General Manager, Ditiro Lentswe, said they continue to put in place strategies that will position them for an upturn, citing job preservation and cash conservation as some of those.

“Our commitment to utmost safety of our employees remains critical even in these challenging times. We continue to put people safety first and, similarly, ensure that as we have just resumed production at two of our plants at Orapa No.1 and Letlhakane Mine, we mine our diamonds safely and responsibly,” he said.

He acknowledged the cordial relationship that exists between the Mine Management and the Botswana Mine Workers Union, as having played a pivotal role in ensuring fruitful deliberations that have led to positive results pertaining to measures adopted to mitigate the impact of the recession on both Debswana employees and the company.


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