Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Small steps matter in the bigger picture

Given what everybody else is doing and the success stories that we hear, we are very often distracted and take for granted the small steps that we need to take because it seems everybody is playing a bigger game than we are.

It is critical to understand that sometimes the steps you have to take to reach your goals will be small. Even then you should not be disheartened from taking small steps because it is the aggregate of calculated small steps that smart people use to achieve their goals.

The reason why most people never arrive in the land of their dreams is because they are discouraged by the small steps they are often required to take ÔÇô they often mistake this for playing small. That is why you don’t have to wait. All you have to do to bring inspiration into your life is to attack the task at hand.

Success breeds success and momentum breeds more momentum. Remember, too, that the greatest labour-saving device ever invented is tomorrow. Therefore in the words of Benjamin Disraeli, “don’t leave that for tomorrow that which you can do today.”

I have a theory that everyday is a liability that has to be redeemed through productive labour. If you don’t do what you are supposed to do today and leave it for tomorrow, when tomorrow gets here you will start tomorrow with yesterday’s debts and debts from the day before if you had done yesterday’s work yesterday.

As an entrepreneur it is important that at the end of the day you have done what you should have done during that day. You should also be cautious not try to do tomorrow’s work today. Most people these days are ambitious, but in your ambition be cautious not to get ahead of yourself.

Tomorrow is another day; today just do what you came here to do today. Nothing more, nothing less. That way no matter how small or big the tasks of the day, you can be rest assured that you have made forward progress. Sometimes the things that we have to do to move forward seem too small and beneath the
stature of that which we aspire for or to be.

Nevertheless they must be done. Therefore there is a need to get over yourself or to set your ego aside in order to do that which needs to be done.

Most of us underestimate the things we can do in a day and overestimate the things we can do in a year.

That is why most people have goals for the year and yet they don’t have goals for the day. How is that yearly goal ever going to be achieved if it has not been translated into the goal of the day, goal of the week and goal of the

Where does your one thousand mile journey start? What is the small step that you have take today? Is it having a conversation with someone, is it reading a book or is it picking up the phone to make a call?

It is my conviction that opportunities multiply and grow bigger as you seize them. That is why the quickest way to get to where you want to get is to immediately seize opportunities that are in front of you right this very moment because those opportunities will lead you to other bigger and better opportunities that will take you to where you want to go. This also means that by taking advantage of smaller opportunities that are in front of you now, you will eventually meet bigger opportunities that you would not have met had you not taken advantage of the small opportunities before you.

So let the ones that are waiting for the big opportunities to come their way wait through life while you take action and fail and succeed at the same time. So go out there and do something small, not just for the sake of doing something small but because you have a deep understanding that a lifetime is made up of a string of days, hours, minutes and seconds that the uninitiated often take for granted.

Go forth from this day forward with the understanding that it is the quality of life you put into those days that determines the quality of your lifetime. Any one day is no more important than others, they are all equally important.

If you feel that there is day that is less important than others then let the powers that be know so that they can take that day from you and let’s see how that will go.

In essence my message to you is, to live a full life all you have to do is do only the things you have to do today. If you have to make the call, make the call, if you have to pray, pray. If you have to sms, sms, if you have to email, email but don’t neglect to do the things that will bring you a new life.


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