Monday, September 28, 2020

Sniffer dogs help to fight drug dealing

Only seven months to go before the beginning of the soccer World Cup, the Drugs and Narcotics Squad is also well prepared as they have put in place measures to fight the influx of drugs that are interring the country.

Detective senior superintendent, Miriam Kilano, told The Telegraph that they have recently bought six sniffer dogs that will help them to fight drug dealers, but one died.

She said that the dogs were trained in Zimbabwe at a cost of 100,000 US dollars.

“So far, our main area where targeting is the central point is where goods arrive, especially at Poso House, because sometimes drug dealers use post offices to send drugs, as well at the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport. And they are being taken to these places on daily basis,” she said
She added that sometimes they use them at roadblocks or border posts and anywhere where they can be used to detect drugs.

She said their arrival came at the right time because we are left with a few months before the beginning of the World Cup in South Africa next year.
She further said that because the international world will be gathered in South Africa, chances are that drug dealing is expected to escalate and they have to be also prepared for that.

“Even though we have some problems we have not yet secured a scanning machine that can be placed at the busiest border post that can also be used to detect drugs but that will not stop us from fighting the use of drugs,” she said.

She pointed out that some of the drug dealers have erected their yards with screen walls which makes it difficult for them to make arrests.

She said they strongly suspect that there are clandestine laboratories though they have not located them as yet.


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