Sunday, May 22, 2022

Some Government schools likely to be closed down again

A few days after the civil servants industrial strike was called off, the Ministry of Education and Skills Development is yet again considering closing down government schools due to riots that have now erupted at some senior secondary schools on Thursday and Friday.

So far, two senior secondary schools, Moshopa and Seepapitso, have been closed temporarily as more rioting is expected.

Information passed to Sunday Standard suggests that security agents have once again suggested to the Ministry of Education to close down all government schools as soon as possible to protect government property that could be damaged by rioting students.

It is alleged that some undercover agents have already been deployed at some schools considered as “notorious”.

“We are really facing some problems and it is possible that this uprising might spread to other schools for which we should be ready,” said Nomsa Zuze, the Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Education.

She added that since the civil servants industrial strike started, the learning atmosphere is not conducive for learning.

She explained that, in the latest uprising of students both in Moshopa and Seepapitso, the teachers told the students that they would not continue where they left off during the strike, instead they would continue with the syllabus and that provoked students.

“I do not want to preempt any situation but if it comes to a push then the minster will take a decision based on the situation on the ground,” Zuze said. “Closing down the schools will be the last resort.”

She added that, as the ministry, they are ready for anything because they had learned from the previous incidents.

“Our priority is very simple, we want students to learn in very conducive environment,” she said.
Zuze appealed to the students not to destroy government property because it is property that the students will be using later.

However, riot police were called in at Moshupa Secondary School after the students went on a rampage, burning tires as well as breaking windows, resulting in the arrest of 35 students who were later released.

On Friday, students at Seepapitso Secondary in Kanye also caused disturbances at the school but police foiled further disturbances.

Police are monitoring the situation at both two schools.


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