Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Soul food comedy session at Bull and Bush

Botswana Hip Hop Association in conjunction with Hoodwink Entertainment is proud to announce that it will host an unforgettable night of comedy. Tonota bred and buttered rapper Ozi-F-Teddy (real name Ted Phaphane) will be in the spotlight for this roast.

He will be the main subject of great humility, humour and satire. We caught up with Selby Muir of hood wink and this is what he had to say: “After a season intermission we are back and continuing with the second round of Soul Food Comedy.

He added that this is the original roast session, which is a sequel of the previous one that was held in January. Doing comedy is intense work, but it’s also the most fun and creative job one could ever have.

“What could be better than getting paid to talk smack, crack jokes and get people to laugh and send people to stitches,” he retorted. “There’s no other vehicle that allows one person to have so much control.”

Some people were just born to joke. But most just don’t appreciate their skills, and they just end up being the classroom clown.

Tonight (Sunday 27 July) six SFC comedians will be going up against each other in different rounds.
“We are convinced that this rap (and twitter) sensation will put his money where his post button is and our comedians won’t be going easy on him!” This is according to Jethro Phaphane an event organiser from Botswana Hip Hop Association (BHHA).

He assured that the audience at Bull and Bush Pub and Grill will tonight witness Botswana’s upcoming, ridiculous and most funny stand-up comedians. “They will be treated to hilarity and great silliness from a variety of comics at the second of Soul Food Comedy (SFC) Roast Sessions.”

With roast master Isaac Lungu as the head chef join, the show promises to be night of much needed laughter.

The headliners for the upcoming show are Botswana’s upcoming comedy heavyweights including Prince Macheng (former My African Dream presenter), Tulani Theo Tau, the 18-year-old Panashe Santos, Charles Manase (from Zimbabwe), Umbambi Ndiwenyu aka Bambino and BIG SAM Samuel Mbise.

According to the main event organiser, Selby ‘Tswenglish’ Muir, Bull N Bush is the place to be tonight for anyone who wants to have a good laugh. “Doors open at 5pm! We guarantee four hours of great comedy!”

Tickets are currently being pre-sold at P40 only at Web tickets Botswana or P50 at the door for a broken rib on the night.


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