Saturday, February 24, 2024

Spin City is anything but a drag

Some movies, such as Fast and Furious, portray drifting races and drag races as events filled with fun, adrenaline inducing action and cool stunts. However, the dangers are seldom observed and discussed but, according to Botswana’s event organiser, Spin City’s Joseph Khengere, who is the chairman and Director of Spin City, precautionary measures are always taken, and these include providing the presence of paramedics and the setting up of barricades.

Drag racing has been accredited by the Botswana Motorsport Association.

Khengere said the South African drivers blew the crowd away with their various stunts but hoped to get more local drivers.

He pointed out that there is an opportunity for the youth, adding that through earning a license for drifting and drag racing, the local drivers could emulate the success of their South African counterparts and earn a living from their stunts.

To assist with this, Spin City will be offering drift and drag racing courses from the 1st of April.
Spin City’s Youth Development Manager, Paul Ndoka, encouraged the youth to come to the event and witness extraordinary feats, such as drivers driving with their head out the roof of the car.
“If they want to see real stunts, they should come to Spin City events,” he said.

Drag racing is one of the most dangerous hobbies around the world. It involves two vehicles racing down a long track with a set distance at top speed and then deploy a parachute to stop the car at the end of the race to help with the breaking process.
Even more dangerous is drifting, which involves drivers intentionally manoeuvring through corners, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels.

Though Spin City is using private property to stage their events, they recently held an event in Lobatse in which the Town Council sponsored the event and funds were donated to charity.
These events have been growing in popularity and, according to Khengere, they receive a crowd of between 400 and 2000.

Khengere, who is the chairman of Mantshwabisi and Director of Spin City, said the organisers of the racing event’s objective is to become a brand that would include a driving school and a car wash amongst other establishments.

Spin City, which is the brain child of Mantshwabisi Fan Club, was established in September 2010.


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