Friday, July 30, 2021

Sri Lanka fails to stop Botswana’s winning spree

Sri Lanka on Friday failed to stop Botswana’s winning spree at the Mini World Cricket Tournament held at Gaborone Cricket Club.

Botswana, which has so far proved to be unstoppable, after playing and winning 4 games, increased the record to 5 by beating Sri Lanka, winning by 6 wickets.

In a much anticipated match, in which Sri Lanka wanted to break Botswana’s record while on the other hand Botswana wanted to protect its treasured record, Sri Lanka batted first and bowled out for 112 runs in 29.3 overs through Indika Perera’s 40 Runs, Manan Barot’s 4 Wickets and Abdul Patel’s 3 Wickets.
Botswana later replied bravely with 113 runs for 4 in 19.3 Overs through James Moses’ 34Runs not out, Gaolape Mokokwe’s 31Runs & Shahnaz Mohamed’s 2 Wickets. ┬áThis then culminated in Botswana winning the encounter by 6 Wickets and also producing┬áManan Barot as Man of the Match.

In another game played on the 23rd, India locked horns with Pakistan. The game saw a huge turn up which wanted to witness the international derby between the two camps.  The clash between the two has always culminated into an event of total excitement but India proved to be as determined as its counterparts; it won the toss but elected to bat first and scored a record 160 for 9 in 30 Overs.

Ferox Gaswalla scored 56Runs, Imran Shaikh 2 Wickets and Imran Zakir 2 Wickets. Pakistan, which nonetheless won the match, started well but lost two quick wickets putting the brakes on their scoring for a short while.

The presence of Faisal Rana at the wicket kept their hopes alive until the last over of their innings. Pakistan’s reply of 161 for 6 in 29.1 overs had the spectators entertained as well as amazed all the way for its quick catch-up.

Faisal Rana scored 82Runs not out, Amir Shaukat 29Runs, Aarif Malek 3 Wickets while Munnazar Mirza scored 2 Wickets, this resulted in Pakistani   winning by 4 Wickets. They also produced Faisal Rana as Man of the Match and he got away with P100.

Topping the log is Botswana with ten points harvested from its 5 uninterrupted winning encounters.
Close behind Botswana is Pakistan with eight points gathered from its four wins of five encounters, losing only to Botswana.

Zimbabwe played four games winning one match and garnering two points.
India and Sri Lanka have 2 points each.
At the bottom of the log is South Africa, which has played four matches but winning just one.

The tournament, which is in its third edition, has been sponsored by the World Group to the tune of P150 000 and will see a group of six cricket giants battling it out for the coveted prize. The first semi finals and 2nd semi finals are on the 29th and 30th respectively, while the finals will be on the 31st of October.


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