Saturday, January 16, 2021

Stakeholders meet to chew NDP 10

The who is who in the planning of the direction of Botswana is expected to gather tomorrow for the National Stakeholders Conference (NSC) in Gaborone in a bid to discuss the National Development Plan (NDP10), which is said to be coming with a difference.

A statement issued on Friday by treasury (Ministry of Finance and
Development Planning) observed that the purpose of the NSC is to bring together all stakeholders to discuss and inform the draft Chapters of NDP10.

It added that the move is part of the consultative instrument used by
government to ensure that a multi-sectoral document is produced that has had an input from as wide an audience as possible, especially the private sector.

Participants who are expected to attend this conference are expected to come from local and district level, civil
society, and private and public sector.
According to the Ministry of Finance’s acting Permanent Secretary, Solomon Sekwakwa, unlike the previous plans, NDP 10 marks the last part of Vision 2016.

“It also differs from previous plans in that it will run for seven instead
of the usual 6 years such that it coincides with the end of Vision 2016. In this context, the theme for NDP 10 has been formulated as ‘Accelerating the
achievement of Vision 2016 through NDP 10’”, Sekwakwa noted.

The ministry noted that to enhance achievement of this theme, the NDP10 chapters have been structured around the seven Vision 2016 Pillars and goals.

Each chapter, therefore, addresses a thematic area that is multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary and takes cognisance of cross-cutting issues such as HIV/AIDS, poverty and unemployment.
The NSC, which was previously known as the National District
Development Conference (NDDC), will be held from the 20th to 24th October 2008 at Fairground Holdings in Gaborone.
It is jointly hosted by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, as the custodian of all National Development Plans, and the Ministry of Local Government, as the main stakeholder in Plan development.

The change of name from NDDC to NSC was necessitated by changes in stakeholder interest, advances in economic growth and development, as well as the need to hold a conference that is all-inclusive of the; public and private sector, NGO’s and civil society, noted Sekwakwa.
Sekwakwa added that during the conference, Permanent Secretaries responsible for the respective draft chapter/thematic areas will make presentations on programmes, projects, policies and strategies intended for implementation during NDP 10.
A Conference report with key resolutions and general feedback on
chapter content and context will, therefore, be a key outcome of the

This report will provide the way forward in terms of further improving the draft Plan prior to its submission to the Economic Committee of Cabinet and Cabinet and, ultimately, Parliament for approval.


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