Wednesday, April 24, 2024

StanChart aims to improve its corporate client service

The Standard Chartered Bank of Botswana (SCBB), the second largest consumer bank in the country, tried to improve its image by launching the customer service centre dedicated to its corporate clients.

“At SCBB, we believe in responding to our customers’ changing needs in line with the changes in technology and globalization,” said the SCB Executive Director of Origination & Client Coverage, Seseti Mogami, in an interview with the Sunday Standard when he launched the product, dubbed Client Service Group (CSG) Centre.

The new drive is geared towards enhancing service for both individual and corporate customers – with a view of offering them world-class service.
The Client Service Group Centre is a new initiative by the bank following Excel and Call CentreÔÇötargeted at individual clientsÔÇö which were well received by the market.

“We, therefore, deemed it fit to open a center specifically for corporate clients in order to cater for their unique needs and requirements,” he said.
The Client Service Group Centre will handle enquiries ranging in nature from simple to complex, with high standard of service across all products offered by the bank in a bid to improve customer satisfaction.

The centre will be located at StanChart head office in Gaborone, and it is anticipated that it will be manned by competent staff that will handle corporate clients’ enquiries and other complex issues such as research and investigations.

“This is another demonstration of SCB’s commitment to continue exploring new and creative ways of servicing our clients by providing them with choice and convenience,” he said. “Our corporate clients will now on have direct access to their assigned Corporate Service Managers. This will not only enhance service provided to the customers, but also enhance turn around time.”

The move is in line with what other banks in the market, such as Barclays Bank, First National Bank and Stanbic Bank, have long started.
The new services will enable the bank to streamline its service delivery to meet its customers’ expectations.

“This Centre is more like a call centre but in a different level. We arrange things like statements, transactions and deliver them to our clients by G4s (SCB Delivery Courier service) if they want them, which saves them time and energy,” he said.

He added that the centre is also going to tackle complex inquiries most of which involve research and investigations.

Thato Sebego, manager for Client Service Group, said other SCBB sister banks in the African continent and outside have tried and tested the concept and it was accepted by the market.

Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe are the best examples in Africa and in Asia it is already established.
“As a one-stop-shop for corporate client enquiries, this new service will not only enhance our customer service, but also enhance the turn around time,” Sebego said.

The centre, which is manned by a fully trained team of eight Client Service Managers, headed by Sebego, will also have extended working hours from 0800hrs to 1700hrs, Mondays to Fridays.


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