Sunday, March 3, 2024

Stanchart brings global leaders to Africa

Standard Chartered Bank Chief Executive Officer, Michael Wiegand, says leaders of the corporate affairs function across the global footprint of Standard Chartered Bank last week met in Johannesburg for global conference Africa and its markets in Africa and the Middle East.

He said three delegates travelled to Botswana to network and to learn firsthand about Botswana’s market and shared work being done around the globe.

Wiegand further stated that in addition to meeting with Botswana staff to share information on work being done by Standard Chartered Bank in Botswana and other parts of the world. He said the bank has a unique footprint in the world and it is the only bank with a strong presence in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Wiegand further said the footprints not only cover most of the fastest growing economies in the world; he said it also uniquely positions the bank to take advantage of the fast-growing trade and investment flows between the three regions of the world.

“Standard Chartered Bank has been able to be among the top performing international banks in the world, posting consistent growth during the recent and continuing global financial crisis,” said Wiegand.

He said the Group CEO Peter Sands recently commended in the bank’s third quarter interim management statement. He said the group has continued to perform well in the third quarter of 2011 with income momentum across a broad spread of products and geographies. “Despite recent macroeconomic events, our markets continue to exhibit strong growth and their growth credentials remain intact. We are differentiated by our liquidity and capital strength and continue to benefit from the disciplined execution of our strategy,” said Wiegand.

Wiegand further said Standard Chartered is proud to be a contributor to the strong performance in 2011, adding that the bank posted record performance in the first half of 2011. He said they have achieved this trough deep customer relations, through market leading deals, including those in the mining sector this year, and through market innovations, including their extended banking hours and salary advance product.

Furthermore, he said the bank brought global leaders to Africa to emphasize ties between Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The delegates that spent two days in Botswana include Agnes Kim, Regional Head of Communication Management, based in Singapore, Chong Park, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Korea, and also Jo Choi from the group corporate affairs office in Hong Kong.

Wiegand said they were excited to host the guests from some of key Asian markets such as Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong.

“China and India are frequently mentioned in the press for their strong growth and global trade and investment,” said Wiegand.

Meanwhile, he stated that the newly appointed CEO Moatlhodi Lekaukau will join Standard Chartered Bank in February 2012, and is expected to develop the business in Botswana and to serve their clients, staff, regulators and the community.


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