Saturday, March 2, 2024

Standard Chartered Bank comes to mobile banking arena

Standard Chartered Bank has introduced mobile banking service to redefine customer banking experience and to alleviate the customers from stress of paying their bills.

The bank’s Chief Information officer, Technology and Operations, Erediretse Ramahobo, said the service will provide a service for customers to transact from anywhere and at anytime from their mobile phones.

He stated that others banks charge for mobile transactions while Standard Chartered Bank offers the service for free to its customers.

“We are in line with our customer commitment to offer all our service channels for free such as free e-statement, sms alert and ATM transactions,” said Ramahobo.

The bank claims the service is best fraud protected as the mobile banking allows customers to get sms alert for every transaction on their accounts.

Ramahobo added that customers do not have to go around carrying cash and they can transfer funds and pay bills electronically saying clients will have access to their bank balances and also money transfers as well as mini statements of last ten transactions.

The spokesperson revealed that the mobile banking also provides access to banking where Standard Bank is not available.

Under the service, there is no need for ATM use except for cash withdrawal and it can be used by any individual who has a cellphone and savings account.

“Customers issues are being solved faster and efficiently as customers do transactions through mobile banking,” said Ramahobo.

The move is meant to address the bank’s challenge of overcrowding of banking halls and mobile banking and other alternative channels have been able to overcome the problem.

Standard Chartered recently extended banking hours for customers’ convenience at Game City branch, which opens until 7pm during the week and 4pm on Saturdays and 1pm on Sundays.

“The transactions are limited to a single registered mobile and you create a unique PIN which enables only you to access your accounts,” said Ramahobo.

He stated that cell phone banking has been penetrating the market, with customers signing up for mobile banking in large numbers. He said mobile banking is also offered to SMEs that are sole proprietors on their account. Standard Chartered Bank mobile banking was officially launched in October 2009.

“We offer our customers with forex rates, cheque book request and also airtime top-up services on our mobile banking,” said Ramahobo.

According to Ramahobo, mobile banking is a new technology that is simple and does not require the customer to remember any transaction message formats.


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