Monday, August 8, 2022

Standard Chartered Bank to be dragged to court over negligence

Botswana Standard Chartered Bank might be dragged before the court of law after one of its employee, who was heavily pregnant, was denied permission to seek medical attention. This resulted in her giving birth inside the bank premises and ultimately the death of the toddler.

However Botswana Bank Employees Union (BOBEU) is calling for drastic action to be taken against the superiors who refused to grant the employee permission to seek medical attention.

It has since emerged that one of the employees who served as a teller (names with held) in one of the busiest branches at Game City, Gaborone was humiliated after she gave birth at her work place during working hours.

It is reported that on that fateful day the teller reported for duty as usual and after a few hours, she started feeling dizzy. She then went to one of her superiors to seek permission to rush to the hospital, but apparently, the superior declined her permission. This forced her to go inside the toilet where she gave birth on her own. After this fiasco, she was rushed to hospital where medical doctors pronounced her child dead upon arrival.   

The teller is currently seeking legal advice on the matter. In a brief press statement Standard Chartered Bank spokesperson, Itumeleng Ramsden, stated that, “As you would appreciate, we are bound by employee confidentiality and as such we are not able to comment on issues of this nature relating to our employees.”

Contacted for comment, BOBEU Secretary General Lebogang Keabetswe said, “it is really unfortunate that such an embarrassing incident has happened and drastic actions should be taken against those who might have refused with permission to let the employee go to the hospital.”

Charged with emotions, she questioned where on earth a superior would refuse a heavily pregnant woman to go to hospital, adding it is tantamount to murder.

She said banks have prescribed policies in place which define how pregnant women have to be treated at work until they give birth. She, however, stated that the Union cannot take the matter up as the employee was not a registered member of BOBEU.

She urged employees to join unions. “It is very important that employees join unions so that their rights can be safe guarded.”


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