Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Star witness in P21m CMS case arrested

One of the star witnesses in the ongoing trial in which the Central Medical Stores was defrauded of P21 million has been arrested. The suspect, Musa Nthabiseng, was on Monday brought before Regional Magistrate Lot Moroka after she repeatedly ignored a subpoena to give evidence for the state.

State prosecutor, Priscilla Israel, said Nthabiseng, who is a second year University of Botswana student, was arrested by the police after she failed to attend court several times. The DPP then approached the court to apply for a warrant of arrest.

“I hope the case will now continue because Nthabiseng has agreed to testify for the state,” said Israel. She said Nthabiseng was released from custody on Monday, with a promise that she will attend court when required.

Israel said witnesses are obliged to turn up in court when required to do so, and if one disobeys a court subpoena the law allows that they be detained. She said Nthabiseng’s refusal to attend court delayed the progress of the trial.

Recently one of the ring leaders in the case, Thabo Lekwae handed himself over to the police after being on the run for two years. One Motswana and two South Africans are still at large and are wanted by the Serious Crime Squad in connection with the case. Eleven suspects have already been arrested and the trial is scheduled to continue on July 21.


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