Sunday, May 19, 2024

State drops charges against Jacob Sesinyi

Jacob Sesinyi walked out of court a free man on Monday after the state dropped the corruption charges he was facing.
Now the Directorate of Public Prosecutions intends to call him as a state witness.

Sesinyi, who together with the late Louis Nchindo, Joe Matome and Garvas Nchindo were facing corruption charges, is the second man to have the charges against him dropped, after the state also dropped charges against Louis Nchindo following his death.
For about ten years, during his stay as the key man at Debswana Public Affairs Department, Sesinyi was one of Louis Nchindo’s trusted and influential aides.

Matlhogonolo Phuthego of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions told Gaborone Regional Magistrate Lot Moroka that the decision to withdraw charges against Sesinyi was made by the Director of Prosecution, Leatile Dambe. The charges that were withdrawn are from count 10 to16.
The state is still to amend the remaining charges in the charge sheet.

Phuthego also told the court that they have fully complied with the Court of Appeal ruling which ordered them to supply the accused persons with all the particulars that they sought.

“We have given them all the particulars they sought. We do not owe them a thing,” he said.

However, defense attorney Parks Tafa of Collins Newman & Co. said that they were only given the documents on Friday, such that he cannot confirm if they are in order.

“We are still perusing the documents that they gave us. It is only then that we can say whether we are satisfied or not,” he said.

Phuthego also said that the prosecution has written to Collins and Newman requesting to be given information regarding the ownership of Glaconda (PTY) Ltd, which was used to acquire the disputed plot of land in Gaborone North unlawfully. However, he said, there has been no response from them.
He further told the court that they are ready to proceed with the case.

For his part, Sesinyi said that he cannot comment much as he had only just learnt that the state wants him to be a witness. Some of the charges withdrawn against Sesinyi are those that he is alleged to have committed with the late Nchindo.

The next mention is on March 15th.


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