Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Stay warm and look good this winter

Gone are the days when the cold winter season was associated with dull, frumpy and shapeless clothes. These days fashion gurus have come up with fun and colorful clothes that will not only raise the body temperature but also make the wearer look good in winter. It’s still early days, but all signs suggest that this will be a very cold winter. The sings are there for all to see.

As we reach for our fur coats, leather jackets and polo necks we should know that there are other alternatives. We should also be careful not to fall victims of a fashion faux pas. Granted, not all of us can afford Chanel or Hermes coats and scarves, but this is not an excuse to not look good in what we can afford. Retailers across the country are filled with mannequins draped in the latest winter fashions and accessories.

Woolly berets, jerseys and scarves are definitely worth looking at this year, in bold and bright colors alongside a more reticent pair of warm slacks or skirt. Ladies, if you are past a certain age or dress size, leggings are a no go, unless they are coupled with a dressy top or a trench coat.

“For the chilly early mornings one must always have a trendy jacket or coat, but they must beware of Gaborone winter because they tend to get warmer during the day. So it’s always advisable to dress lighter underneath the coat to cater for such incidents,” explained fashionista and owner of the iDL Fashions Rachel McNeil.

McNeil recently hosted a fashion show, showcasing her latest winter collection for both men and women at her Game City store. She further explained that ladies should not be afraid to accessorize with scarves, chunky necklaces, ear rings and bracelets.

Hats and berets are also a must have this winter, together with either ankle or knee length boots and brightly colored pantyhose and stockings. The nights are going to be brutally cold and those who insist on a cold one despite the sub zero temperatures must always wear socks, scarves, gloves and beanies, especially if they are going to be outdoors. Jeans are not a warm item of clothing and if you must wear them it’s always a good idea to include long johns or really thick stockings underneath. For those staying home it’s no time for slinky silk pajamas because flannel will keep you nicely toasted while curled up with a good book or a movie.

Before going crazy at the various clothing outlets, there are factors that need to be taken into consideration. Can I afford this? Is it worth it?

Is the quality good? Is it comfortable? And most importantly, will I look good in it? Don’t just buy something because it is the in thing and everyone is wearing it. And never undermine the importance of comfort, it is priceless. Imagine sitting through a three hour meeting with a pair of itchy stockings which you brought out of a box and thought it was a bargain.


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