Friday, July 19, 2024

Winter, the season to be warm and look fabulous at the same time

It’s already mid-year and winter has arrived, the season that most people this side of the Sahara always dread. It is not clear whether we dread winter because we are used to the heat of the Sahara sun or whether we do not want the weight gain that comes with winter.

You look through your wardrobe and suddenly realize that you do not have enough warm clothing, and you wonder how you survived the last winter season. Winter clothing is quite pricey, and it does not really make sense to spend a lot on winter clothes because the season is generally short.
Yet there’s something sophisticated about winter gear; the lush coats, blazers, suede knee-high boots and gloves reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn covering her perfectly manicured nails.

All you want to do is dress up, and go to the nearest coffee shop to sip on fabulously warn coffee, and look fabulous while at it. Whether you are a sneakers and hoodies or a boots and coats kind of girl, we’re able to cater for every kind of girl. Whether you are the kind of woman who has the cash to purchase the world’s most expensive labels, or are on a on a tight budget but need to hold it down, a sister has got to represent at all times! If you can’t afford to go on a full shopping spree, you can get a few solid pieces that are guaranteed to take you through the winter.

A classic timeless coat
With coats, the brighter the better. We all should get over boring, dull colours in winter. The weather isn’t exactly pleasant, and you need a mood booster after literally dragging yourself out of bed in the freezing morning. Bright reds scream sassy, stylish, fun and fearless. Tartans and Hounds tooth never seem to date, whether long or short. Yellows and mustards for brighter personalities are a daring head turner too.

Black blazer
No girl can live without this baby here. Blazers are suitable for work with pants and formal skirts, or belted with a bright metallic belt for a more fun look. Whether you wear them with youthful punk edge in folded arms, or over a shirt and fitted jeans for a more casual work look, blazers are a cross-season staple.

Normally classified as that item ‘flower children’ wear over their multi coloured tops and beads for a bit of modesty in their bohemian look, the boyfriend cardigan is an item today’s girl can’t live without. Wear it open over your polo neck item and a dangly neckpiece, and you will achieve that laidback look. Throw over a thin belt for a more classic look, or a wider belt for a sassier look. Again, don’t be afraid to go for the oranges and fuchsias to brighten up.

Beanies, berets, pashminas, scarves and gloves
The colours should be bright and playful. Choose fun details like buttons (the bigger the better), lace, sequences, flower detail and bows. Cashmere is more lush and sophisticated if you are an uptown girl. But chunky slouchy knits bowl me over and can be transformed from casual to classic. Pashminas and scarves are timeless accessories. Ties whichever way, they will give you a sense of elegance.

Forget diamonds, (I think they are overrated anyway) shoes are a girl’s best friend! Whether ankle length, if you have calves to die for, calf length, and God-forbid-thigh length boots, there is always a variety and they are all to die for. With fringes and studs flat or height-defying, snakeskin or animal print, release your inner wild child and go conquer the cold cruel world!
The trick is to mix and match your items to achieve different looks with the same items.


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