Sunday, May 19, 2024

Stilettos are the in-thing among women

Almost every woman who has a sense of fashion has a few pairs of stilettos or high heels in her wardrobe.

High heels are currently the biggest fashion rave in the world, and indications are that stiletto sales have sky rocketed.

According to Tiny Gasethebe, an employee of fashion house Options, they continue to experience a significant increase in the sales of stilettos.

“Our customers include women of all races, mostly within the 18 to 40 years old range. But they all buy stilettos in large numbers,” she said.

In fact, she revealed that 80 percent of their customers buy stilettos, while a comparative 20 percent choose to buy flat shoes. There are different types of stilettos. These include the pencil heel, the wedge and the platform. Older women usually prefer the wedge. The platform has a very long heel and support at the toes. The pencil heel elevates the heel of the wearer higher than the toes, making her legs look more slender.

Women wear high stilettos for various reasons. Firstly, stilettos make the wearer look taller than her actual height. They also make them look slimmer, and they look very fashionable on women.

In fact, women believe that stilettos make them more attractive and sexier; they even have a
positive effect on their body shape and figure.

While in the past women used to wear stilettos for special occasions, like gala dinners and dates, nowadays they were them almost every where.

Women insist that the myth that stilettos are uncomfortable is untrue.


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