Monday, November 29, 2021

Strength of a woman

The word power is often associated with the masculine gender, but in this sense I mean a supportive woman, a confident woman, a woman with a big heart, a sharing woman, a woman who stands her grounds.

We often describe a powerful person as someone who is highly educated, well-off, lives a superior live, has a successful family and life; you know all the good things you can imagine.

An artist, author and designer, Jai Johnson, wrote an article about 8 qualities a powerful woman has. She said that they live and breathe the first seven of these, which keep them true to themselves and help them achieve the eighth trait easily.

“When a woman possesses and practices these qualities on a daily basis, she becomes the essence of a true, powerful woman, no matter what her worldly picture may look like to others,” she said.

A powerful woman will give all she can give to any task at hand, without question, and without complaint, whole heartedly. She never gives up.
To emphasize that, she goes after what she wants in life and doesn’t quit, no matter how difficult the going may get. Johnson says that she doesn’t allow others to pull her away from her ultimate goal. In short, she doesn’t have words like “I can’t” in her vocabulary.

Unlike most of us do, Johnson describes a powerful woman as someone who is not afraid to speak her mind. She doesn’t worry about what others will think about what she says. Most of the time we lose opportunities because we fail to express ourselves, thinking of “what people will say”.

However, Johnson says that a powerful woman isn’t concerned that some may criticize her for her thoughts and she isn’t attached to their acceptance of her idea.

Regardless of status, “A powerful woman is respectful in all situations. She does so without fear as a powerful woman always knows that acceptance must come from within first and foremost,” she says.

In addition, she respects the choices of the others who go to the bar, despite the fact she might not agree or approve. And she doesn’t treat them any differently because of their choices.

The powerful woman sticks to her believes on something. It states that it is unfair to discriminate against the mother of two in this manner. When the others try to sway her belief on the issue, she doesn’t back down. She clearly states her belief again, and refuses to adopt a way of thinking and behavior which isn’t in line with her core beliefs.

“The ability to inspire naturally resides within the powerful woman. Rather than accept the critical comments from others, she speaks to herself about her gifts, talents and positive traits. She doesn’t allow the negativity directed toward her by others to consume her life or get her down. Instead, she responds to the negativity by focusing on the positives and, by offering, she hopes for the future.”

A powerful woman willingly shares her gifts, talents, skills and knowledge with others. Example: a woman has developed a unique recipe that proves to be a hit at many of the social events she attends. She enjoys the compliments, and loves the fact that others look forward to the dish she’s serving. It makes her feel good.

“This quality is at the core of every powerful woman’s being. It is something that, deep down, every woman wants to achieve on a daily basis. It is a quality created by behaving according to the previous traits, for when a woman lives by the first seven, she will easily and effortlessly become the woman who makes a difference in the lives of others.”

It is not complex to define a powerful woman in this manner; it’s the possession and application on a daily basis of these qualities and traits that makes a woman no matter who she is or what she does for a living. Johnson says that “it doesn’t matter what a woman’s role in life is that’s just the outer picture the world sees”.

A woman can tackle just about anything; she plays a role of a brother, sister, wife, worker, maid, and a parent, that is both a mother and father. Johnson gave an example of a pregnant woman who works full-time and still comes home after a ten-hour work day and has dinner on the table, kids bathed and in bed by 7pm.

Without women, the human race wouldn’t exist. Women learn all trades of life from working, playing sports, cooking, cleaning, giving birth, and raising children, to holding down a full-time job while taking care of a family.

“However, a woman’s experiences in life may bring her down, but then will bring her right back up again. She knows how to move forward and she knows how to fight for her life and her rights.”!


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