Sunday, November 28, 2021

The strength of a woman…

There is only one way through which someone can be the best person they were made to be, one way through which someone can be as impactful as they were made to be and benefit society in the best way they were meant to, and that one way is if someone fully understands their reason for being.

A woman is a very powerful human being, made for a certain purpose to bring a certain benefit to society and this power and strength is not acquired through getting a certain level of education or going through some form of training but all women are born with it.

However, every woman needs to first realise this strength for it to be fully unleashed and used to its best potential. This goes for anyone, man or woman, who has any form of natural gift; it starts with first realising how special your gift is; thereafter, its use and benefits will follow.
In Genesis 2 verse 22 we read, “Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib He had taken out of the man, and He brought her to the man.”

God had a lot of options as to which material to create a woman with; He could have used other bones in the man’s body or the soil that He had used to create the man but He decided to use a man’s rib and there has to be a special reason for that. Taking a look at the ribs, it is clear to see that on top of the other functions they play, such as protecting the important organs of the body, they also offer support to the body as they help hold the upper part of the body upright. Without ribs, the upper part of the body would collapse.

It becomes very interesting when the thesaurus confirms that the word rib is a synonym of support and that the word support is a synonym for help because as the Bible records, before God created the woman He had realised that, among all the things He had created, there was found none that was good enough to be the man’s helper, hence the woman was created to be the man’s helper or the man’s support, the very function of the material that the woman was created from.

There are only two genders in the world, male and female, and these two are the foundation of all society and of the entire human race as every single person was created through a man and a woman. They, man and woman, form and are responsible for the simplest structure of society, which is the family, a structure from which the values and strengths of the entire human race originate from.

Now the woman is the support of this structure, without the woman this structure cannot stand up right, which boils down to: without a woman, society and the entire human race cannot stand up right. For something that is meant to offer support to be able to do its duty to the best of its ability, it has to be very strong and very powerful. Therefore, we cannot expect something that is frail and weak, something that is not fully strengthened to offer the best support it has to offer.
This simply means that for women to be able to perform their very essential roles perfectly, they need to be empowered. Women have to refuse to be deprived of empowerment; they need to refuse to be deprived of activities that will bring growth to themselves.

This strong demand for empowerment should not be mistaken for women wanting to take over or women wanting revenge for the hardships other women have experienced in the past but it should be seen as women demanding the right and opportunity to take their rightful position as the strong support structure of society, the strong support structure of the entire human race.

The strength that a woman has is exclusive to her; it cannot be replaced by that of another and it is more important for women to know this more than anyone else because it takes one to know what they have to be able to use it in the best possible way. As a woman, if you allow circumstances and people to belittle you, then you are allowing them to belittle your family and the society that you are in because the family and society cannot be strong if its support structure is weak.

As a man, if you belittle your woman and deprive her of growth and empowerment opportunities then you are belittling yourself, your children and your society because none of these can be in their best upright form if their support structure is not strong and powerful.

There is a lot to be said about the strength of a woman, it comes in different forms and it is needed in all walks and scenarios of life. It can come in a strong and stern form or in a sweet and gentle form but one thing for sure is this: when a strong woman is present, all things become upright.

The well-known song, Strength of a Woman, by artist Shaggy, hits the nail on the head.


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