Saturday, June 22, 2024

Supa Ngwao Museum hosts Exhibition for artists in the North

Supa Ngwao Museum in Francistown is currently hosting a one month exhibition as a way of roping in artists to expose their materials and talents.

According to the organizer of the event, Mr Monwabisi Ntuli, this is a yearly event to encourage the Northern artists to come out of the shell and expose their talents to the public and even pull out visitors and tourist interest in their products.

“The idea is to call artists from Francistown, and other Northern region places so that they can network, share ideas and be exposed. Northern artist have not been exposed as compared to artists in the South,” he said.

He highlighted that, despite the efforts they make to pull in artists to show their talents, there are still a lot of challenges as most artists dream and do nothing about their artworks.

Ntuli also pointed out that this workshop is a way of enhancing artists to be organized and be professional.

He further indicated that some of the pictures that were exhibited on the wall were from the recent Thapong Visual Arts Workshop.

“When there is an exhibition, we advertise in the Northern Advertiser. Some of our participants have membership cards, whereby they contribute a fee every month. Every time there is an event, they are notified,” said Ntuli.

Paul Motingwa, a participant started painting when he was in primary school. He revealed to Sunday Standard that art is his passion and he is going to benefit from the exhibition as he is going to be exposed. He referred to art as passion and not really for profit making.

“I started curving when I was very young; I carve a lot of ornaments. This exhibition is very important for the youth and even the old people who wish to expose and make a living out of their products. We encounter challenges as artists but we lack funds to buy materials and equipment. The government should support local artists as this can boost our economy,” Motingwa said.


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