Thursday, July 7, 2022

Suspect pleads not guilty to murdering girlfriend inside Police Station

In a bizarre murder case in which a middle-aged woman was stabbed to death inside the Francistown Police Station, the suspect, Mothusi Phaladi, pleaded not guilty to the offence before Francistown Judge, Moses Chinhengo, on Monday.

Representing the accused in the matter, Francistown-based lawyer Bengbame Sechele, of BB Sechele Attorneys, told court that he agreed with his client that a plea of not guilty be taken.
However, the summary of facts from the prosecution state that Phaladi had an affair with the deceased woman and a love wrangle between the two emerged.

It is alleged that the accused, who was staying in Selibe Phikwe at the time, decided to visit the girlfriend in Francistown and, upon arrival at the house of the deceased, found out that she was not there.

The next day, he enquired about the whereabouts of the girlfriend from one Levy Badubi, who stayed in the same yard with the deceased.

Badubi, who could not establish the whereabouts of the deceased, then ordered him out of the yard, indicating that he was drunk.

“Badubi, who knew that the accused was in a love relationship with the deceased, quickly took a car to where they were and warned them that the woman should not come back home to Monarch because Phaladi looked dangerous enough to cause harm,” said the prosecutor.

However, the three forged on with the plan to go back to solve the issue with the elder brother of the deceased in Monarch.

Upon arrival, Phaladi approached their car. As the deceased attempted to open the door, Phaladi grabbed her and the driver decided to pull away at high speed in an attempt to shake him off the woman.

Phaladi fell to the ground, losing grip of the girlfriend.

“The trio then sped off to the Francistown Police Station where the accused followed them and sneaked into the police premises and further stabbed the deceased several times with a knife in the station in front of the police,” said the prosecutor, reading the facts to court.
The facts also indicate that she was then taken to the hospital in a police vehicle where she was certified dead.

Phaladi is alleged to have escaped and handed himself back to the police that day.
The state submitted the forensic report, the knife and the psychiatric report to be used as part of evidence in court.

However, the defense brought to the court’s attention that although they admit the evidence led by the state, they still do not admit all the witnesses. The state is yet to call one more witness to lead evidence as the case continues.


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