Monday, July 4, 2022

T.B Joshua’s credibility is still doubtful

This past Friday must have been a really good Friday for Nigerian Prophet, T.B. Joshua. I was on my way to Maun on Friday for the Good Friday holidays when messages started pouring in on my cellphone. The messages were informing me of the sad and sudden departure of Malawian President, Bingu wa Mutharika. The old man is no more, I was informed. Well, the people who were informing me about Mutharika’s death were not compelled to do so out of any known relations between me and the late old man. It wasn’t a case of “hey Sonny, your uncle has passed on”. Their interest in letting me know of Mutharika’s death was stimulated by my known doubts over the authenticity of Prophet T.B. Joshua and his prophesies. As the people of Malawi mourn the death of their president, T.B. Joshua must be celebrating the vindication of his prophecy that very soon one African president would kick the bucket. Well, I’d also celebrate if I guessed something right. Wouldn’t you?
A few weeks ago I cast aspersions on the credibility of Prophet Joshua and the authenticity of his miracles. I had made it clear that I have my doubts over the authenticity of the miracles that he is always shown performing on his television channel. After my article on Prophet Joshua, I received a barrage of criticism and curses from his hordes of followers in Botswana who accused me of belittling the ‘Man of God’. My doubts over Joshua’s connectedness with God were raised by accusations raised by one of his former right hand men who spilled the beans on the behind the scenes operations of Joshua’s television displays.

A report by one Solomon Izang Ashoms of the Parable magazine painted Prophet Joshua as a fraud. Ashoms claimed in his article that he interviewed a certain Godwin Agomoh Paul who was the deputy prophet to T.B. Joshua for 11 years. Paul confirmed that what we see in Joshua’s ‘miracles’ is all brainwash and hypnosis. ?It turns out, from Paul’s testimony, people are brainwashed and hypnotized.

Joshua apparently even pays journalists and instructs them on what to write and release to the people. Some people are said to make weird confessions during Joshua’s sermons. Women are made to speak in male voices. ?Paul had an answer to all that. He says, “What you see on the telecast is hypnotism at its best. When you are filled with that power, if you open your eyes and fixed your gaze on the recipient of healings or whatever, you can see when the person’s spirit will leave the body. At that point, whatever you think in your mind as you fix your gaze on that person is what the person would do. If you want the person to confess that he killed his mother, it shall be so under that influence”. ?Paul further accused Joshua of sexually abusing girls at his church. Also, and still according to Paul, a certain lady by the name of Elizabeth Gardner who had some spinal cord problem and was already undergoing treatments was convinced to lie on a bed as if she was bedridden. During the crusade the woman came on a stretcher and she got up walking. Paul says, “However she walked the same way she had been walking before we met her. No miracle took place. It was a fluke. But her case brought a lot of popularity to Joshua.”

Let me mention that immediately after I had laughed off Joshua’s powers, my cellphone fell into a bucket full of water and went dead, forever. Some of his followers said my phone went dead because I had rubbed the ‘Man of God’ up the wrong way. I still maintain they are crazy to think Prophet Joshua had cast a bad spell on me because I cannot begin to imagine a purported man of God being vindictive towards his ‘detractors’. Unless Joshua is a witch. I mean, only witches are known to visit evil on people who irk them. Right now some people are saying I should apologize to Joshua before more harm comes my way. I say to hell with the apology.

The truth is, my heart skipped a bit when I heard of Mutharika’s death because Prophet Joshua had apparently foreseen the death of some president. But then I remembered what he further went on to say after his prophecy. Joshua had said he is praying that the death doesn’t happen. I think here Joshua was being tactical. Had Mutharika or any president in Southern Africa not died, Joshua would have turned around to say he prayed and God answered his prayers to halt the death. Besides, Southern Africa is led by sick old men and it was almost a given one of them would vamoose anytime soon. Who knows, maybe Joshua’s statements led to Mutharika’s death. Imagine you are gravely ill and someone says you are going to die within sixty days. It is very possible you might die prematurely from heart attack when you feel a slight pain because all you’ll be thinking is, “was Joshua referring to me?” We have plenty of old and not-so-healthy presidents in southern Africa that I can also make my prophecy that this winter won’t come to pass before we hear of another departure. It will take more than just Mutharika’s death for me to believe everything and anything that Joshua prophesizes. But assuming Joshua has such great foresight, I can imagine the jittery ravaging through the BDP because apparently the same guy has foretold of their down fall come 2014.

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