Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Taking time for relationships only brings you closer

In this day and age, we can work, shop, and play on our computers, carry thousands of songs in the palm of our hands, fly around the world if we so choose, and have our cars talk us through directions to get us where we’re going.

Through that technology, we have managed to elevate daily tasks to a level of convenience we would have once never imagined possible. But, somehow, we still can’t manage to keep our relationships simple. For all the advancement we’ve made, we still miss the boat when it comes to our personal lives. But keeping a relationship solid and healthy ultimately requires nothing more or less than time.

Relationships blossom when couples provide each other with time and consideration. We all have our busy lives; we are schooling and working in different corporate worlds in different times, at different places. These are often things that make individuals forget that relationships take time and effort.

We can’t keep communicating via electronic equipment and imagine that we are really developing a relationship. Relationships thrive on communication and communicating between two people takes time and human (not electronic) connection.

When you get busy and forget to make time for each other, the communication stops and, more often than not, this is the point when relationships begin to break down. Carve out time for each other every day even if it’s just fifteen minutes so that you can catch up with each other after a busy day.
Communication is simply making time for each other so that talking is natural and is a part of our every day routine yet it is almost foreign to others.
Sunday Standard spoke to a few people in different work areas.

“I put my relationship into my plans every day; it is part of my current life. I tell my other half what I want to do, and ask for his opinion and reach a decision from our thoughts. I have never had a long distance relationship, am not a big fan of it either. But situations can always arise when you least expect; you would deal with it then,” said Katlego Tlhagwane, a UB graduate student.

Whilst other people are fortunate to have their partners around them, others try by all means to cover up for the lost time in their long distance relationships.

“I go to Gaborone every two weeks in a month, long distance relationship ga e shapo ya lapisa (it is not ok, it’s tiring). You do not have enough time that you desire. I prefer to be nearer to my partner,” said a NIIT Francistown employee, Peggy.

Every day romance adds to the affection and fun in a relationship. Romance should not be the exclusive pleasure you bestow on your spouse before marriage, it should be your raga throughout the life.

And remember it does not mean taking your partner to expensive hotels, booking a lodge somewhere far from the city, NO!

Time together does not have to cost any money. In fact, you can stay in on Saturday nights cooking and sharing a meal together, or spend the whole day watching movies, just the two of you. It is not a sin to spend the whole weekend together with no disruptions, if it means switching off your cell phones, let it be.

“I make time for my relationship every day; it is one of those things that have brought me happiness. I love my gentleman,” said a UB fourth year media student, Yvonne.

The success of the relationship is dependent on the people in it, though there are no absolute ingredients that will make a relationship to last. That is why that not everything that works for your friend’s relationship will work for your relationship. There is no sure formula for a happy relationship.

An individual who preferred to be called Pako, a Debswana employee, said he spends 20% of his time in a relationship and 60% time at his cattle-post.

“This is because of a long distance relationship that I am engaged in, so moraka (cattle-post) is nearer to me than my partner,” he said.

A happy relationship is self-nurturing, it brings out your best potential and unselfishness. Any opportunity to find each other will be another step towards making sure that you don’t lose touch. Relationships require work just like anything else and need to be nurtured in order to grow.

Taking time to tend to your relationship is an effort that is well worth it. Love is beautiful and is meant to be given away.

“If you give love it all comes back to you.


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