Friday, July 19, 2024

Tati Nickel increases its CSR projects

In its continuous effort of contributing to the welfare of the communities it operates in, Tati Nickel Mining Company (TNMC) has increased its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects by introducing Charity Walks.

The General Manager of the mining giant, Sebetlela Sebetlela, told a media briefing that the mine found it befitting to expand its CSR projects in order to try and uplift the lives of the disadvantaged people of the communities which would include the disabled and the needy.

Sebetlela pointed out that the new project entails charity walks in a bid to source funds from different organisations and individuals who are interested.

“TNMC has played an integral part in contributing to the different communities, especially on aspects of health, education in secondary schools and business projects,” Sebetlela said.

He gave the example of many other projects that TNMC has been involved in, such as the donation of the Mobile clinic to the North East District Council (NEDC) and the result improvement initiative in secondary schools such as Francistown Senior Secondary School (FSSS) and other schools.

Sebetlela revealed that, to date, the mining company has spent P6.7million in the education projects with P5 million being spent in Secondary Schools. He added that P 1.3 million was spent on the Business projects such as poultry projects and the horticultural projects in Matsiloje. “As TNMC, we found that there is a need to diversify our CSR projects and to also reach more areas and people beyond what we have been doing,” Sebetlela revealed.

He went on to elaborate that this new initiative will continue for the coming years and highlighted that it is a way of promoting a spirit of charity among the mine employees, individuals and the corporate world at large. He further revealed that the mine has set aside P1 million to be spent on centers of excellence at Mcconnell Secondary School in Tutume and Masunga Senior Secondary School as  part of its 2010 projects.

Tebogo Rapitsenyane, Public Relations Manager at the mine, also revealed that the funds that will be generated from the sponsored walk will not be put into TNMC accounts but a separate account at the bank will be opened for the funds.

He also added that the charity walk will coincide with the BOCCIM trade fair that is due next week in Francistown to try and attract the corporate world and individuals to participate.
“ The community will be charged P20, Social clubs, P250, TNMC employees P50 and Corporate businesses will be charged P2 500 to take part in the sponsored walk,” he said.


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