Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Tattoo ÔÇô The new kid on the block

Twenty-five-year-old Thato Dikhading, better known as ‘Tattoo’, is ready to take this country by storm with her new 8 track Afro-Pop solo album dubbed ‘Pelo Molotsana’, produced by the one and only Mr Tag, which she has just finished recording.

This album is absolutely something new and revolutionary in the history of Afro-Pop in this country. Tattoo, with her angelic voice, brings special qualities to performance. She certainly has a bright musical career ahead of her. Her voice in the songs I have listened to is self-defining and this album promises to thrill if well marketed.

But why name it ‘Pelo Molotsana’? In an interview with the Sunday Standard, Tattoo explained that her album looks at the things that are happening in life. “Friends are betraying friends, it also talks about today’s relationships, greediness and unmercifulness of people,” she said. With this album, Tattoo is hoping through it people will be inspired to return to that beautiful and harmonious balance.

With this 8-track album, Tattoo said she has tried to give a variety so as to cater for all people – this is young and old. “Everything about my album is unique and many people are going to love it,” she said. This album is made up of songs like Darli Wame, Ha Ngege, Busa Pelo, Mme Matsale, Thusang and Getting Busy. According to Tattoo, all tracks have been produced by Mr Tag, except for the title track ‘Pelo Molotsana’, which was produced by JJ Mnyassa, courtesy of Coon Labz Recording Studios.

Asked about the meaning of the title track, she said it is just another show of creativity. “The title track talks about a jealous friend who wants all things to herself, and don’t want her friends to succeed in life,” she said.
Though it is her first album, this aspiring new artist has been following in the right footsteps. She revealed that she is a former dancer of Thuli’s, for whom she danced the whole of 2005, and parted with her only last year to start her own thing. “My role model however is Mr. Tag. I really do like the way he sings. He is the one who made me realize the best in me and I will ever appreciate the move he made in my life,” she started.

Oozing with excitement, Tattoo advised those who want to join this industry to make sure first that they have passion for music. “You should know exactly what you want and what you want to achieve,” she said.

Though the launch date for this album is not yet decided, Tattoo announced that she will be starting to shoot the title track video next week. “The album so far is doing well and my target sale is 10 000,” she said. Anyone who wants this album can get it at Kgalagadi Music in Game City and at Thebe Records.


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