Thursday, July 7, 2022

Tawana officially joins BMD

After a lot of speculation and uncertainty, Maun West Member of Parliament Tawana Moremi has finally announced that he has officially joined the opposition Botswana Movement for Democracy.

Tawana has been an independent MP since resigning from Botswana Democratic Party a few months ago.

Though he has previously indicated that he will join the BMD at an opportune time, Tawana’s delay to join the opposition ranks caused much consternation within the opposition, with some opining that his cousin, BDP President Ian Khama, had prevailed upon him to return to the ruling party.
However, he put everyone’s doubts to rest on Friday when he officially announced that he had joined BMD.

Parliamentary speaker Margaret Nasha on Friday announced Tawana’s move, urging the house to work amicably with him in his new political home.

The BMD, which has been uncharacteristically mum on the issue, on Friday welcomed Tawana into their fold.

“He is a great asset to the party and he will improve our presence in parliament. He commands a lot of respect in Maun,” said BMD Secretary General Wynter Mmolotsi.

BMD is hoping that Tawana will improve their political fortunes in Maun, mainly because he is a paramount chief of Batawana.

The only remaining candidates are Kentse Rammidi and Guma Moyo.

In a statement released on Friday, BMD National Spokesperson Rasina Rasina said Tawana has made a decision to safeguard the interests of the nation.

“We find ourselves blessed and enriched to welcome within our ever growing fold a political soldier of repute. Our inspiration is also enhanced that the people of Maun and many others in the country will follow their natural leader to BMD,” said Rasina.

He said Tawana’s move to the BDP is yet another milestone in their quest to dethrone the BDP.
“His leadership experiences are yet another resource that the BMD shall cherish and utilize to ensure that the country’s policies touch each life in our communities,” he said.

Tawana’s move increases the number of BMD parliamentarians from five to six, and cements BMD Vice President Botsalo Ntuane as the leader of the opposition.


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