Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Taylor dismisses restructuring rumours

The Botswana Football Association chief executive officer, Goabaone Taylor, has denied there is an impending restructuring process at the association.

Ever since she was announced as the new CEO, there have been rife allegations that she intends to restructure the association to make it more effective.

The rumored restructuring exercise was allegedly meant to reduce staff because of a high wage bill while output is low.

“There is nothing to the rumor that we will be going into restructuring. It is just a rumour. I don’t know where people get that from. I am three weeks into office and my aim at this stage is information gathering,” she said dismissing the allegations.

Taylor said after collating information she will analyze it and make the necessary recommendations.

She said the report and recommendations will then be presented to her principals, BFA national executive committee who will then make an input.

“It is possible that we might move into the restructuring exercise so that we make the operations of the institution more efficient and effective,” Taylor said.

She further said the recommendations will be will aligned to the milestones that need to be achieved.

“Where there are gaps, I will recommend to the NEC so that they make their input so that BFA can be proactive and result oriented. “It can only happen in future if it is necessary as of now, we are not going through any restructuring work,” she says.

In the past the BFA was found wanting in staffing and the always troubled BFA leadership was accused of hiring people faulting procedures. It was accused of hiring unqualified people and favouring leaving the deserving people outside.

Taylor replaced Mfolo Mfolo who was fired after the COSAFA under 20 team was disqualified on allegations of age cheating. Taylor is the third CEO to work under the BFA leader, Maclean Letshwiti in the space of five years.


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