Monday, May 27, 2024

Ten SA rhinos identified for relocation next year

Rhinos Without Borders , a foundation formed by renowned Botswana animals film maker Joubert Dereck dedicated to protection of rhinos foundation has identified ten rhinos in South Africa that will be translocated to Botswana sometime next year as a way of protecting them from poachers.

This is according to an official of the Foundation, Verity Surherland. She declined to say where they are likely to be taken to in Botswana citing security reasons but indications are that they will be relocated to the country’s game reserves in the northern part of the country where there are some rhinos already. About 100 rhinos are expected to be relocated to Botswana by the end of the multi million pula operation.

South Africa which has the largest rhino population in the country has been hit by rhino poaching taking place in the country which has killed close to 1000 rhinos last year alone. This year again the toll is likely to reach 1000 according to South African media reports.

Rhino horns have apparently found a large market in Asia where they are used for medical purposes as well as status purpose. Botswana has apparently been chosen for the programme of relocation of South African rhinos because of its robust anti poaching which is akin to shooting alleged poachers on sight.

Currently the country has some rhinos mainly in the northern part of the country in the country’s game reserves. A year ago some alleged rhino poachers were arrested within days after they had killed a rhino around Maun area. They were however finally not prosecuted because of lack of evidence as it was reported that the main culprit had fled the country to his country of origin with the horn.


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