Thursday, June 13, 2024

Tensions brewing between bus and taxi operators in Tonota

Bus and taxi operators in Tonota village are embroiled in a bitter tussle for customers. The problem is said to be a result of the new bus rank, which seems to have brought more harm than good since its construction.

Taxi drivers accuse bus operators of flouting rules and regulations set by the transport department and stealing some of their customers.

The new regulations compel bus drivers to drop commuters at the bus rank after which taxi operators are supposed to ferry them into the village.

Kedikanetswe Kediukanetswe, a taxi operator in Tonota said tensions have been running high since the new bus and taxi rank was opened on April 1.

The taxi drivers also accuse bus operators of picking passengers up even in the middle of the village, thus negatively impacting on their businesses.

They also say the situation is worsened by the fact that taxis have now been allocated routes, and they are not allowed to operate freely.

Kedikanetswe insists that buses should not be dropping passengers in the village, especially as they only operate along the main road and do not meander deep into the village.
He said that bus operators have no qualms about breaking the set procedures, and only laugh at them when they complain.

“The current situation is killing the taxi industry in Tonota” he said.
But the bus operators have explained that they are forced to pick up passengers within the village because the bus rank is too far. Worse still, passengers prefer to use lifts when they reach the bus rank, which is located next to the A1 road.

Chairman of the taxi association, Knight Chengeta said that they are aware of the complaint and have informed the relevant authorities.


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