Thursday, May 23, 2024

Thari Foundation hosts Valentine’s Day retreat for pregnant women

Thari Foundation planned a one-day retreat for expectant mothers. The retreat is a getaway for the expectant mothers to be pampered while getting educated on different issues relating to pregnancy and child care.

The women went through different activities and sessions whilst being treated to light snacks in the morning and lunch to wrap up their day.

Activities included; Pre-natal Yoga- to help the mommies to stay calm and relaxed; Pre-natal Pamper sessions- a session of pre-natal massages (body and feet) and pedicures.
There were also sessions to discuss different challenges and issues affecting women and their children during and after pregnancy. Topics covered were; Maternal Mental Health- Discussions around post-partum depression and how to deal with it -Legal Matters-Issues surrounding child custody, maintenance as well as Legal rights and rights and responsibilities of –Spirituality- Finances-Beauty-Life Challenges-Midwifery/Ante-Natal and Post Natal Care.

Thari Foundation is a child and maternity health Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Gaborone, Botswana. The Foundation was established to undertake social and economic interventions that promote healthy maternity and infant care in Botswana. It was legally registered as a Trust (TUHGB-000084-20) in 2021.The Foundation aims to;Promote Maternal Health Care Education- This includes danger signs in pregnancy and delivery, family planning, ante-natal and post-natal care. This information will be offered at all government village clinics. Reduce preventable deaths related to pregnancies by ensuring that women can access all the care they need at every stage of pregnancy. Provide training to care providers so that they can counsel women throughout pregnancy and childbirth.

Strengthen sustainable livelihoods-We will train and empower local women in these communities to operate small scale businesses and offer advice on income generating measures. Thari Shelter- Build a “home” for pregnant women who are facing Gender Based Violence. The Foundation currently employs 2 personnels; it’s founding director, Miss Kagiso Taicu Makole and Projects Manager, Pearl Pilane. It is run by a board of Trustees.


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