Saturday, December 3, 2022

The African Democrat…the movie!

BKDS films are set to launch “The African democrat”, a documentary film about Sir Ketumile Masire that has been produced by filmmaker Billy Kokorwe.

Explaining the major highlights of the film, Kokorwe said the major highlights come in the form of interviews with world leaders whose latest entry is former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who pays tribute to Masire’s leadership style and role as a key figure in the establishment and economic development of Botswana.

“Quett Masire took Botswana from where it was and made it the country it is today,” Blair comments.
The fast-paced, compelling film stays true to Sir Ketumile’s character as it chronicles the icon’s unique political journey in an entertaining and often humorous way.

In reality television style, cameras follow Sir Ketumile as he goes back down memory lane, visiting significant landmarks such as Botswana parliament and Jwaneng mine.

Sir Ketumile’s candid revelations about how, together with Sir Seretse Khama, the two young Batswana found they had a shared vision and determination to achieve independence from the British colonial government, which led to the establishment of the country called Botswana and how together they formed the Botswana Democratic Party.

“I met Sir Seretse and we found that we had a common feeling that there was a need to form a political party, so the BDP was formed and I was elected secretary general while Seretse was elected president, but the secretary general had to carry the whole load of first of all having to tell Batswana what a political party was, because the only party they knew about was a tea party,” he humorously explains.

Other fascinating comments come from former South African President and Nobel Prize laureate, F.W De Klerk who speaks fondly about Sir Ketumile.

“I have come to love Sir Ketumile; he is a good man, a wise man and warm person,” says De Klerk, and continues to explain Sir Ketumile’s legacy to Botswana.

Also the former President of Botswana, Festus Mogae, pays tribute to Sir Ketumile’s role in the early establishment of Botswana leading to his presidency and international recognition as the main architect of the country’s economic success.

Kokerwa said other contributors in this documentary include: Vice President Mompati Merafhe, Baroness Linda Chalker, former speaker of the national assembly Patrick Balopi and Sir Ketumile’s daughter, Mmasekgoa Masire ÔÇôMwambe.

The film also includes Sir Ketumile wise counsel to Batswana and indeed the rest of Africa on issues of politics and good governance.

It will be offered for broadcast in Europe after the launch. The sixty minute star-studded documentary will be screened to a select audience, including Sir Ketumile himself.

The launch will also include the introduction of partners Billy Kokorwe’s daughter and Dominic J Savage’s recently established international media company, Heritage House.
The documentary film will be launched at Maitisong on the 17th February.


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