Sunday, March 3, 2024

The busy bee that is Berry Heart

Last year, the Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) hosted the first ever Miss BOMU, which saw poet Berry Heart being the first artist to win the title.

The pageant, which was held at Millennium Jazz Club, attracted artists from all walks of life amongst them popular singer Slizer who made it to the top 3.

Berry Heart, who had already been nominated the UN Goodwill Ambassador in the United Nations Creative Advisory Council by the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs, says that she only used the title to expand her ambassadorial and humanitarian work.

Talking about the goals that she hoped to accomplish upon entering Miss BOMU, Berry Heart said, “To carry on my already chosen journey of women empowerment both in the arts and in society and to be involved in ending violence against women and children.”

Heart went on to say that winning the title has not helped her career to move forward. “Winning didn’t help my career; it was my dedication and focus as a queen and world class poet that carried me places. Imagine if I had won and done nothing. I want future winners to realize that titles cannot take you anywhere if you do not develop your skills and expand your dedication and focus. But I must confess that my winning that title inspired a lot of women and upcoming poets.”

On the projects that she is currently working on, the young poet said that she is working on marketing her book and album launches, which are both titled Girl Power, and, with the funds raised, she will use it for the Springboard Humanism NGO. She added that she is also working on Gender Awareness workshops and other international unity campaigns, pointing out that she was recently elected to sit on the BOMU executive committee.

Explaining why she tends to work with a lot of international artists, Heart said that it’s because she never lets the opportunity pass her by to interact with them.

“I do not let them slip through my fingers for I believe we meet for a reason. I want to learn from them for they are usually bigger than me in experience and age. It’s amazing to find out that I also teach them certain skills and strategies in arts. Trust me in arts team work takes an artist places. Remember that my first recording was in Germany in 2008 so I keep on building on these relationships.”

On the recently passed Youth Day, the beauty queen says that she observes Youth Day all year round and this she does by working on a string of projects amongst them voluntary work.

“And Youth Day is not an exception. My dream is to touch many hearts and change many lives. That is my definition of success.”

She added: “I did not get appointed UN Ambassador for nothing. The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs Permanent Secretary calls me the 2016 icon. I have done charity work for four years now. I have raised funds for the TAWLA and Springboard Humanism NGO’s with my charity album, Les enfants de demain – Children of Mawa 2012. This year I will launch my 4th charity album, Girl Power, to raise funds for Springboard Humanism in Molepolole while I sensitize people on gender based violence. I’m taking part in poverty eradication music festivals this year, gender awareness workshops as well as visiting schools for motivational talks. I help distribute Botswana music in 250 territories and I help organize BOMU events. I’m also taking part in a poetry contest in Ramotswa United Voices in a Calabash. I volunteer at Springboard and other gender based organizations so you should look out for my face. If I’m in Botswana you will definitely see my bald head.”


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