Sunday, July 3, 2022

The Chase: Bassey and Pokello bite the dust

After fifty-six days in the game, Sierra Leon and Zimbabwe have no representation in the Big Brother House following the eviction of their last remaining candidates, Bassey and Pokello, respectively.

Bassey’s name was the first to come up on Sunday and like some of his previous Chasemates, he never saw his eviction coming as he was replaced by HYPERLINK “”Bimp who was the Diamond Head of House.

The Ethiopian, who has a quirky dress style did not disappoint as he burst on to stage in his sleeveless African print shirt, skinny jeans and make-up and tried to take it all up in his stride but the teary eyes gave him away. He was, as expected, clearly floored by his exit from the House. His flamboyance will surely be missed by fellow housemates and viewers across the continent except, perhaps, by Batswana who have been baying for his blood since he put O’Neal up for possible eviction during his reign as Head of House.

Self proclaimed ‘Queen of Swagger,’ Pokello, whose Sundays had turned into what some may term Groundhog Day due to her constant presence on the chopping list was not so lucky this time around. The Zimbabwean, looking incredibly sexy in her short white dress that left very little to the imagination, kissed her man, HYPERLINK “”Elikem, upon being called up by IK before passing around hugs to the rest of the Chasemates. She believes her fellow housemates nominated her because they feel threatened by her “swag”.

?Leaving behind her beloved Elikem is possibly one of the hardest things she’s had to do throughout her stay in Biggie’s House. But as we all know by now, the lovers in the House are bound to either leave together like LK4 and Koketso or leave one after the other, like Bolt and Betty. Elikem may have to turn to Cleo for tips on how to survive the game without your better half after the Zambian was separated from Hakeem two weeks earlier.

On the brighter side, ATI, who had earlier promised to set the Live Eviction Show on fire did not disappoint as he gave two sterling performances with ‘Ke lekhete’ from his debut album ‘Polao ya Motho’ followed by the yet to be released single ‘Sabliff’ which is set to be launched on July 31st.

Bassey and Pokello’s evictions mean that only Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Zambia still have their teams intact while Botswana, Ethiopia, Namibia and South Africa still have one Chasemate in the running for the much coveted USD 300 000.

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