Monday, January 17, 2022

The Desert Bush Walk: Winter 2014 to raise funds for Sese Primary School

Sese is a small settlement in the South Central region, 15 km from Jwaneng, with a population of just over 2000 people. The majority of the inhabitants are low income workers whose employment depends heavily on sub-contractors at Jwaneng Diamond Mine.

The village has only one primary school and despite its proximity to the biggest diamond producing town by value, it remains extremely underdeveloped.

This is why the duo of Archibald Ngakayagae and Amy Benson (or commonly known as Lorato Khupe) saw it fit to organise a 25 km walk from Jwaneng to Sese as a way to raise funds and construct a Creative Learning Centre for the school and the village. The centre will include a library and a hands-on, carpentry lab.

“We are two activists who are passionate about giving back to our communities especially the underprivileged and needy,” reads a statement from the duo.

They say as caring and passionate young people, they are driven by the spirit of volunteerism to make a positive difference in society. The primary school, they say, had a classroom designated as a library until recently during which the school saw a great influx of students due to the growth of the village and demolishment of squatter camps at Jwaneng Industrial site.

“It became impossible not to convert the library into a classroom and the books had to be moved to the staff room. Some classes are even taught outside under trees.”

The duo have since partnered with Sese Primary School to raise funds towards the construction of the learning centre.

They hope the centre will help to combat poverty and juvenile delinquency in the village. “Rates of alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy and incidence of HIV/AIDS in Sese and nearby areas are said to be on the rise and Sese Primary School views carpentry in the school as a way to combat those issues by engaging with learners in a way that inspires creativity, critical thinking, hope for the future and personal satisfaction,” says the statement.

Besides assisting the community of Sese Ngakayagae and Benson also hope to attract tourism business to the area and Kgalagadi desert .

“It is through events like this that we can attract both local and international tourists to the region. The Desert Bush Walk: Winter 2014 supports and promotes the Botswana Tourism Organisation and Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) objectives. Other walkers will include Chief Executive and executive team of Stanbic Banc Botswana as well as representatives from the US embassy. The walk will commence at Jwaneng Diamond Mall on Saturday July 26th at 0700 hours.


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