Saturday, March 2, 2024


I just realised the truth behind the verse from the Bible, you know, the one that says “You may eat the fruit from any tree in the garden, except the one that has the power to let you know the difference between right and wrong”.
People, God said these words looking at the consequences we are going to face throughout our lives.

I stand to believe that we women value love making more than our opposite sex, who tend to want it anytime and anywhere, forgetting that we want it to be special, knowing that we are doing it with somebody who loves you.

I don’t know if men nowadays have realized that they can just get dumped, no reasons given. But let me enlighten the Brothers out there.

Give your women some good sex and don’t use old age love-making tactics in these modern days. Be creative and sexy!

Not that I am saying women are better than you guys, they too should be involved.

Ok, the fruit!
We are told that we should wait to have sex until marriage so that we may cherish that strong bond we share with our wedded partners. Here is one thing; like I said, women really value sex because we hold the “inner beauty that describes us”.

For example, when we break our virginity one tends to be attached to that particular guy more so that we can be blind to see that the dude don’t love you anymore!

I asked for my friend Neo’s opinion.
“I fell into that booby trap thinking that maybe I had found the ‘one’ and so decided to share my fruit with him, not knowing that I was a rocking doll that is only remembered when a baby cries.”
Needless to say, it is so painful when a guy ditches you, knowing that he has stolen something that is of great importance to you. When guys decide to end a relationship, it is easy for them to move on with their lives because they can brag that they had floored so many girls and, at times, actually mention names.

But on the part of the ladies, it is a different and difficult thing altogether.

She feels she’s been robbed, used and also thinks that the love she felt, which had torn her heart apart, was a total lie.

After all the stress and depression, these girls start having multiple partners to see who is better than the other.

So ladies, take time to heal before you allow another guy into your life, or anywhere else for that matter.
Like I said, get married and enjoy the fruit to the fullest! It will make you realize the difference between right and wrong!


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