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Fruit and vegetables are high in energy and packed with vitamins, mineral, protective plant compounds and fiber, and with a minimum intake of five portions of fruit and vegetables each day, as well being the first choice for a snack, it could lower risk of chronic disease, such as heart disease and some cancers.

A few tips to increase your fruit and vegetable intake
Keep fruit out where you can see them; if you can keep them where you can see them, you will be more likely to eat them. Keep them out on the counter in front of the fridge.

Get some meal everyday; try and fill half your plate with vegetables and fruit at each meal, serving up salads.

Try some new fruits and vegetables, like yellow orange, red fruits, and citrus fruits.

Pointers of what fruits and vegetable can do on your body
Sunflower seeds are high in iron B vitamins and vegetable oil. Add a table spoon to salads or munch as a tasty good snack. Sunflowers are also an excellent source of vitamins E, which helps vitamin A play a role in maintaining an attractive skin, hair and nails.

Bananas contain carbohydrates for energy and potassium, a mineral that helps your body use calcium to build strong bones and teeth.

Melons are a wonderful source of vitamin A and potassium and contain immune boosting vitamin C.

Tomatoes provide vitamin A potassium and vitamin C and carrots are probably the best natural source of vitamin A for beautiful skin, hair, and nails. They contain potassium and trace mineral.

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