Saturday, January 22, 2022


Our music industry is growing tremendously as nowadays we hear most people coming out of egg shells bringing good music to our ears and also seeing others competing in big competitions like Africa’s Best MC and doing good internationally, we have artists taking part in the likes of Africa KORA music awards and that shows that indeed we are growing. We are only days away to the our 3rd Annual Botswana Music Awards where we are going to witness the local music artists receive their awards for hard work done and for being the best among the rest. It’s going to be busy and a night to remember as cars would be driving to and fro the GICC on the 31st Of October 2009. Designer clothes, shoes and clutch bags would be everyone’s attention/ thing and flashlights all over the place, am sure no one would want to miss that moment.

The yellow carpet will be spread for people to step on and also everyone has to wear something that matches with the theme colour, being yellow and I want to believe that it has to be formal and stylish wear. For this year’s awards ceremony, it’s going to be different from the previous ones on contrary; I asked one of the artists to tell us, who does not want his name published, about BOMU and if there are any changes ever since it has been formed. And his response was” BOMU has been surrounded by problems with the committee having uncommon grounds but I think this year would be different because most of us did not know what BOMU is and what it does and now it has made us aware of how to deal with the music industry ”.

I wonder how this all works because I hear that an artist has to register with BOMU for them to compete for the award, if so why is it that there are some artists who we know are good not hear of them during the mentioning, isn’t it the duty of BOMU to make sure artists register well in time and are aware of the importance of being in the competition because some artists are really in the dark that’s why most of them end up quitting the music industry because of lack of exposure. Just last week we learnt that the nominees are out and the nation has to vote for their favourite but it’s last minute, nominees won’t have time to get votes they deserve as people will be voting for anyone near. What am suggesting here is, three months before the awards, the names of nominees should be out for people to vote and be fond of them and also people who want to go to the awards budget while there is still time because tickets are a bit expensive.

Ok back to the glitz and glamour.
I remember some time back hearing that one of the biggest artist in Botswana was sent home because his outfit was unfit to enter the ceremony doors and that really makes me wonder why artists have to be controlled on what to wear, fine, they have to look stunning, handsome and outstanding but get this. We have different genres of music of which need certain types of outfits, e.g. Kwasa Kwasa / Rhumba, Kwaito, Traditional dance just to mention a few that these people cant perform on stage, come on just picture Shumba Ratshega and VEE perform on black Suit and tie while they could be allowed to wear what best suites them, however I don’t encourage them to wear anything unfit.

As music supporters we want to go there to see our favourite artists get rewarded for being outstanding among the others, I want us to be able to afford tickets and be able to meet our favourite artists because it’s not everyday that one gets to meet with them. Tickets sold should cater for everyone who wants to go there, be it from Francistown, Maun and Gantsi because the fans back at home have been loyal to artists buying their music but get me right, what am saying is there should be tickets sold at lower prices and with the seating arrangement would just depend on how much is your ticket.

At times I just wonder why it has to be glitzy and more so to an extent of being served supper and why there has to be tables set with plates and wine glasses, why cant it be just simple where there are chairs only that would be sat by everyone who has come to celebrate. My point is BOMU should reach out to artists and the committee should sit down and sort whatever it is that’s causing the misunderstandings between them and how they can allow artists to be themselves while representing their own music genre wearing whatever they feel would suite them. Good Luck to all artists around Botswana and please if you are a music artist and did not register for the awards, try next year, who knows maybe its you who is going to scoop all the awards. To all fans out there let’s keep the spirit of supporting them.


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