Sunday, June 23, 2024

The Man who Prosecuted the Kingmaker is now Going for the King

The appointment of Tymon Katlholo to the position which he held some twelve years ago has certainly come as a surprise within Government Enclave and has set tongues spinning as many have concluded that the man has come to continue from where he ended. Katlholo became well known with the prosecution of Louis Nchindo who was Ian Khama’s bosom friend.The leadership of Festus Mogae as president was at its zenith marked by his political will and courage in getting Nchindo to be prosecuted for his crimes. This was the most powerful man in the land and he was closely associated with the Khama family.

It was not an easy thing to go about for Mogae and Katlholo in getting Nchindo to be brought before the courts and the cherry on top was his conviction of his criminal acts.Nchindo was referred to by one of the local newspapers as the kingmaker in Botswana’s politics. This is the man who brought about the idea of a research study to investigate how the ruling party could revamp itself. Before the research was even undertaken, Nchindo had already influenced its conclusion. He wanted Khama to come on board and raise the fortunes of the ruling party.

Nchindo was in the inner circle of the ruling elite and challenging him was like challenging the state itself. He was to some extent more powerful than the state president and his pockets were well oiled. But from a distance, the man ordinarily looked like he was living in the periphery of power. The man played his game very well to the deception of the public gallery. Nchindo was the kingmaker and Khama became the king.By that time Mogae was heading for the exits and was soon replaced by Khama as president. Khama would never let the man who made him president see the inside of a prison cell; that’s for a fact and this is why I will never in any one of my writings refer to Nchindo as deceased. I do not have that conviction unless someone brings along DNA prove that indeed the man is no more.It is somewhat sinister that the president has made such an appointment in the middle of a major investigation involving billions of pula and all the fingers are pointing in the direction of Khama and his actors.

This could be a case of Katlholo coming to finish off the work that he started more than a decade ago. He dealt well with the kingmaker and now it is time to complete the whole circle in getting the king himself.The public is frustrated that there is so much talk and very little action on the ground regarding prosecution of the corrupt elite. For some, this has undermined the authority and the integrity of the current president. The little bit that has been attempted to bring the corrupt to the courts of law has been interrupted and intercepted within the system.Katlholo’s appointment raises hope that something good is about to happen. This is a man with very good credentials in the business of investigations and he is no novice.

For the number of years he has been off the hook, he has been running his own private investigations firm in the capital city. He may have sort of gone into oblivion but he was a man busy at work. People have questioned the wisdom of removing Brigadier Mathambo from the position while he was at the centre of a major investigation which involved the former president and some powerful international actors who are politically very well connected. In fact some people have connected the dots where there are clear straight lines running. The rebuttal published by the South African government is seen in some quarters as something that has caused the brigadier’s “fall from grace.”My own interpretation here is that the president is now playing his cards closest to his chest. Obviously Katlholo is better placed at dealing with this matter than Mathambo.

There is no room for mistakes in this case and the government has reached a point of no return. The only way is to thrust forward and see some powerful people behind the dock soon. The public wants to see the big people go to jail. We can only remain speculating on a number of things, but one thing we can be certain of is that soon and very soon we are going to see action in the courts.There are so many obstacles and impediments in this investigation. There are actors within and outside government who are willing to act as conduits of evil and are working against the tide. The fact that government has taken the route of enlisting Afri Forum as a non-state actor in the investigations says a lot even though some think that it’s a blander. The appointment of Katlholo has come on the same day with reshuffling of cabinet. This action by the president left out a woman of many letters and some are thinking that this is the end of the road for Unity Dow.

For a successful prosecution to happen, the judiciary will need some cleansing. The Khama ghosts will need to be exorcized. It is in the highest probability that Dow is headed to replace Ian Kirby as the President of the Court of Appeal. The appointment of Kirby irked a lot of practitioners in the legal fraternity and this appointment was clearly made to consolidate the Khama Dynasty’s hold on to power. For a successful and fair prosecution of the Khamas and their web of conspirators, the judiciary needs a serious shake up. Dow would be the right candidate for the job.


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