Sunday, March 3, 2024

The Permanent Visitor lands in New York with more than 70 ‘aides’

Whenever Robert Mugabe travels outside Zimbabwe, which now happens every month, it is more of an expensive, unproductive and dull circus than a serious, meaningful and fruitful presidential trip.

In the old, when a president travelled to other countries, it used to be for the nonsensical but accepted purposes of “strengthening bilateral relations” in addition to exchanging superficial praises, hugs and stupid laughter at staged ceremonies where the host would offer to sink some boreholes for the visiting beggar-president’s citizens.

Not anymore, because African presidents are now richer than the presidents they visit in Europe and elsewhere.

In the case of Mugabe, world leaders do not take him seriously anymore. The man can barely walk or keep his eyes open. His slurred speech is getting worse and there is nothing more castrating to a nation than to see its president held up by a stool, wall or aides as he walks to a podium.

Other leaders now know that Mugabe’s trips to their countries have nothing to do with his belief in what the international conferences they are hosting are trying to achieve but that Mugabe’s visits are more about opportunities for him, his wife, children and hangers on to beat sanctions and enter some European country or the United States to do some serious shopping.

There has been an absence of concern for his citizens for a long time and it is getting worse.

Mugabe’s frequent trips outside Zimbabwe have nothing to do with furthering the political and economic health of Zimbabwe but are, firstly, to get access to the best medical doctors available; and, secondly, to thumb his nose at those countries that slapped him with a travel ban because of his extravagance and human rights violations.

Ironically, it is the United Nations that has always offered him the escape hole.

Mugabe travels with hordes of people who have absolutely nothing to do with the purpose of the trips being undertaken yet the Zimbabwean taxpayer shoulders the burden.

Mugabe was here last week, in New York City, for the United Nations General Assembly and he brought more than 70 people with him ÔÇô complete with his wife, children, grandchildren, son-in-law and other useless appendages and relatives who were all given a minimum of US $1500 each per day on this trip.

Please, have enough mercy to keep in mind that all this is being done while Zimbabwe staggers with a 90% unemployment rate; while people’s water supplies in the cities are being shut off because of their inability to pay their bills because they cannot access their money in the banks.

Meanwhile, City Councils do not have enough money to buy the necessary water purification chemicals and are leaning on the people who cannot access their money in the banks.

Yes, some people have some money in the banks; the problem is that there is no money; the state is broke.

The little money that flows in is the money Mugabe uses to stagger around on international stages and spout outdated rubbish that does not benefit anyone.

He scolds everyone for his own faults ÔÇô a silly, spoiled old man who only thrives in pools of insults of others.

Mugabe humiliated many people and just scolded Nelson Mandela for things that do not concern him; he thinks he is the only one who is right. He cares little that he has deliberately killed thousands of our citizens and criticizes those who have neither killed nor abused their citizens.

He has nothing to lose and insults everyone; insults build no homes nor do they win friends.

There is a social, financial, political, educational and industrial crisis in Zimbabwe yet the Mugabe family can afford to grab a plane, disadvantaging paying travelers, and fill it all up with relatives and friends that have nothing to do with state affairs then arrogantly offer each one of those bloodsuckers US $1500 (P16, 000) a day for doing nothing ÔÇô just like Mugabe himself.

The live UNTV broadcast of Mugabe asleep with his cheek in his palm like a new-born was offensive to those he purports to represent.

His embarrassing, wobbly walk, while leaning on a wall for support, as he was being introduced as the next speaker in addition to his belated processing of a UN aide prompting him to proceed to the podium and then his flailing walk like a chick before first flight showed the world all it wanted to see and made the Zimbabwean feel sad.

Embarrassment is only a mild reaction that does not right any wrongs.

Meanwhile, photographs of Mugabe’s son, Chatunga, overwhelmed social media as he was captured at a New York MacDonald’s soda drink fountain while his Zimbabwean bodyguard, standing next to him, laboured with large, clearly marked Gucci carrying bags clogged up social media.

Robert Mugabe has become a corrosive and expensive embarrassment to the nation and he, clearly, is done. It is quite clear that he only supplies the face not the ideas.

He is not running the government but supplies the authority.

His rabid wife was not awake enough as a cross-border trader to appreciate what happened to Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu and his little darling of a wife.

The time will come; it always does. No one has ever beaten time.

But, as always, there were demonstrations in support of and against Mugabe outside the United Nations.

It is sad to imagine how much money from starving Zimbabweans is being spent on these rented demonstrators. Black Americans are fighting battles of their own but money thrown around brings then to demonstrations “in support of” something they do not know or understand.

There is a black American called Randolph Simms. I did not know that Harvard also produces morons.

Randolph Simms (who the courts say is also known as “Rashid Pendergrass”, A/k/a “Lionel Jean-Baptiste”, A/k/a “John Thomas”, A/k/a “Macio Mcadams”) warmed his way into Mugabe’s heart by adopting the revered Zimbabwean word of “Chimurenga” as his last name.

Randolph Simms, known in Zimbabwe as Coltrane Chimurenga, was immediately given a farm by Mugabe.

Coltrane, or whatever name he chooses to use, is Mugabe’s paid vocal puppet in America.

He makes me wonder how a man of his age and educational background finds the courage to totally ignore the destruction of a nation, to swipe aside the murder of thousands and laugh at the abuse of old men, women and children just in praise of evil.

I do not know if Coltrane Chimurenga whimpers about the abuse of black Americans at home in America but I know that, while campaigning on behalf of a mass murderer of innocent Zimbabweans, he loves to draw blood from the animal on whose back he is riding…a parasite of international proportions.

Trump wasn’t joking when he told African Presidents, including Mugabe, that his (Trump) friends go to Africa to get rich.

There is now a lot of unrest in Zimbabwe. My fear is that one of these unrests will be unstoppable and mature into a bloody revolution…that will happen sooner than we suspect.


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